Marilyn Monroe May Have 'Drifted Into Communist Orbit' According To FBI Files

Tara Dodrill

Marilyn Monroe may be "drifted into Communist orbit" before her death, according to unredacted portions of an FBI file kept on the blonde bombshell. In 1956, a New York Daily News reported told the FBI that an anonymous caller claimed the actress was somehow at least loosely linked to Communism.

The informant also maintained that Marilyn Monroe's marriage to Arthur Miller was a sham, merely a coer up for the "cultural frontman for the Communist Party." According to the unredacted FBI files, funds from Marilyn Monroe Productions was being filtered to the political party.

It is hard to fathom a reporter calling a governmental agency to report a celebrity's political persuasion today, but 1956 was the pinnacle of the McCarthy era – being linked to Communism was a career death sentence. The Monroe FBI file also reportedly indicates that the movie star's views were "concisely leftist."

Before Marilyn's death in August 1962, her friends allegedly became more concerned about her "infatuation" with Frederick Vanderbilt Field. The man was also accused of possessing a leftist mindset and was disinherited from his wealthy family, The Telegraph notes.

The FBI file also boasted details about a furniture buying trip Marilyn Monroe took in February 1962, the New York Daily News notes. The 1950s bombshell supposedly "associated closely" with members of the American Communist Group in Mexico while browsing for new furniture.

An alleged "mutual infatuation" between Frederick Field and Marilyn Monroe supposedly caused concerns for her friends. Fields was living in a self-imposed exile in Mexico with his wife. An FBI source claimed that Monroe was in an extremely vulnerable state after being her perceived rejection by Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, and Frank Sinatra.

In Field's autobiography, From Right to Left, he stated that Marilyn Monroe admired what was being done in China and was angry about McCarthyism and hated J. Edgar Hoover.