Hugh Jackman Teases One More Turn As Wolverine For Halloween

Fans of Hugh Jackman and Wolverine know that the actor has finally hung up his claws for good, following his turn in this year’s Logan. However, while he may no longer bring the character to life on the big screen, that does not mean he will not resort to teasing his fans on his Twitter page. In fact, in a new tweet from Jackman, he hints that he may finally get the chance to wear the classic Wolverine costume from the comics.

In a Twitter post on October 26, Hugh Jackman posted a picture of himself holding up a Wolverine Halloween costume. The costume in question is the yellow and blue spandex that was made famous in the comics, which the actor never actually wore in the movies.

The caption that went along with the image read, “just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume #tootall.”

As the Hollywood Reporter reported, this tweet is quite fitting for fans of the many X-Men movies, as there have long been jokes about the classic spandex costume of the comics. At the same time, Hugh Jackman’s tweet also pays homage to the character’s original height of 5-foot-3-inches, which is much shorter than the actor’s own six-foot-two stature. At one point, the actor even apologized jokingly to the creator of Wolverine, Len Wein, for being so tall.

This is not the first time that Hugh Jackman has handled a portion of the classic Wolverine costume. In response to the actor’s Halloween tease, one fan even shared a picture of himself with Jackman as he held the original mask that went along with the yellow and blue spandex outfit. The fan said that he must do it because he has held the mask in the past and now it is time to “do this for real.”

While Hugh Jackman might only be joking about wearing the Wolverine costume for Halloween, for many fans, even this tweet is exciting now that the actor is completely done with the character. As he has said in a recent interview, he is entirely done with the X-Men and Wolverine. In fact, he has made it clear that he has no intention of even acting as a producer on any future movies, whether it is a sequel or a spin-off. Instead, Jackman has said that he promises to be in line on the Thursday night that Laura’s movie is released in order to watch it because “she is just phenomenal.”

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]