This Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake Is What Disney Dream Weddings Are Made Of

When someone thinks of a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, they usually imagine Cinderella’s carriage and Mickey Mouse and all the pristine white trimmings, but that isn’t how it always is. Many of those who want a Disney wedding end up wanting something other than the princess theme and that includes themes based on attractions such as the Haunted Mansion. Such was the case with a recent wedding/vow renewal, and they had one of the best cakes ever created.

The Ever After Blog details and showcases the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings that take place in different parts of the world. Many of the details are shared with others so they can see just what is possible for their dream ceremonies, and it’s not all princes and princesses.

In the latest post from the Ever After Blog, another Disney-themed vow renewal was featured, but all of the focus was on the wedding cake. It is based on the iconic Haunted Mansion, and it isn’t subtle in the least. Instead, it is blatant and absolutely amazing.

Some people may find it to be a bit too much, but fans of the Haunted Mansion will absolutely love it.

As you can see, the very awesome Haunted Mansion wallpaper wraps all three tiers of the cake from top to bottom. The top and bottom layers have some black piping which drips down the cake in an eerie fashion while drapes and decorations adorn the middle tier.

On top of the cake is the Haunted Mansion hourglass which can be purchased in stores at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland by all guests. Some may use it as a decorative piece in their home, but it really fills in well as a wedding cake topper.

The little card for this vow renewal has the Haunted Mansion font on it and simply states, “Time Has Not Changed a Thing.”

When it comes to Disney weddings, there are so many thoughts that go through everyone’s mind, and it usually steers right to the all-white princess theme. Well, there is so much more to the world of Disney and numerous other stories to tell for weddings or vow renewals. As you can see by this incredible Haunted Mansion-themed cake, even the theme park attractions can become a part of your special day.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]