‘Real Housewives Of DC’ Where Are They Now?

It’s been a few years since Bravo fans heard from the Real Housewives of DC, but all of the ladies seem to have moved on since their reality television days. While it seems to be predictable that one relationship doesn’t survive the Real Housewives, all of the relationships on the Real Housewives of DC failed during or soon after the show ran for two seasons.

So when the Real Housewives of Potomac, geographically just a few miles away, launched, the Real Housewives of DC had some advice for them. All of the DC ladies suggested Xanax for the RHOP to weather the challenges ahead. But the biggest challenge, according to all of the DC ladies, was to work around the Salahis (aka the White House party crashers). Lynda Erkiletian, founder of T.H.E. Artist Agency, a modeling and artist agency based in Georgetown, said that she agreed to do RHODC to promote the Washington, D.C., fashion scene and her business.

“We had a huge challenge with the Salahis. That was very challenging for me.”

And even though Michaele and Tareq Salahi divorced, Lynda said she still wants nothing to do with either of them. Michaele has remarried. Her current husband is Neal Schon of the band Journey.

“I never want to see them. Never. Like never. I get an APB when she’s in town. I usually visit one of my country homes when I hear that she’s in the area.”

And the RHOP might have been smart to pay attention because several of their relationships are already in peril.

But looking at the full cast of RHODC, all of the ladies have moved on from the relationships they had when filming. Michaele Salahi divorced Tareq and is now on tour with new husband, Neal Schon and Journey. Cat Ommanney’s relationship didn’t last as she divorced photographer Charles Ommanney and moved back to her native England.

Mary Amons also divorced husband Rich Amons in 2013, and Stacie Scott Turner and husband Jason also split. And though she wasn’t married, Lynda Erkiletian and boyfriend Ebong also split soon after the show wrapped.

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Mary Amons says that she doesn’t blame the show for the demise of her marriage, as she believes that the issues she was having with her now ex-husband, Rich Amons, were there before the started on Real Housewives.

” I think the experience of the show can be a catalyst or can contribute to issues, but it cannot make a great relationship go south. The experience of the show can indeed help build your relationships.”

Amons also said that her time on RHODC showed her who her real friends were. She explains that there were people who wouldn’t “give her the time of day” before the Bravo cameras started rolling, and then there were those who shunned her for being on the show.

Cat Ommanney agrees that it’s easy to blame others or RHODC for a failed relationship. Ommanney’s ex-husband Charles reportedly blames the show for ending their marriage, but she says that it was his boss that thought Cat should do the show.

“His boss actually referred me and suggested I do the show. He was no longer covering the White House at the time. I agreed to do the show to help promote my book. It’s easy to blame others for one’s own mistakes.”

Ommanney now splits her time between Spain and the U.K. and says that her girls are in boarding school in England. Ex-husband Charles Ommanney is now based in Miami and counts Vanity Fair among his long list of clients.

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Though Stacie Scott Turner and husband Jason have split up since Real Housewives of DC, they reportedly remain friends. Stacie has continued with her real estate career and now works out of her office in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


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