Atlanta Braves Update Logo, Bring Back ‘Screaming Indian’

In a move that is already drawing ire from several MLB fans and sports writers, the Atlanta Braves have updated the logo on their team’s batting practice hats.

Dumping the iconic “A,” the Braves have opted to return to the controversial “screaming Indian” logo that has not been a part of the club’s uniform since 1989.

The reaction to the new cap, which features the yelling Brave in red stitching on a blue rimmed hat, has been less than stellar.

“Unfortunately, it turns out that the logo hasn’t been permanently mothballed. Disappointing,” wrote Paul Lukas of ESPN’s Uni Watch, who published an exclusive article previewing all 30 MLB team’s new batting practice hats. “Grade: F.”

Others had similar reactions.

“Perhaps ownership was sick and tired of the Washington Redskins and their culturally insensitive name remaining the most offensive rendition of Native American culture in this country,” wrote Timothy Rapp of Bleacher Report. He added, “Atlanta should retract these hats immediately. The organization is better than this.”

According to SB Nation, the Braves franchise began using the ‘Screaming Indian’ image in 1954 while in Milwaukee.

The logo was originally an outline style logo, then changed to a full color logo, and then became the outline style logo again in 1972.

In 1989, the Braves stopped using it — at least in part — because of pressure from groups that find the use of Native American imagery on sports uniforms offensive and dehumanizing, reported AOL’s Sporting News.

Despite the ridicule the Braves organization is receiving for the controversial logo change, some fans like the new cap.

John Bettie of NESN said of the new design:

“I like the move by the #Braves to bring the Screaming Indian back. It’s a great logo, period.”

Twitter user J Reeves added:

“The #Braves have worn throwback uni’s in games with the screaming Indian logo before & nobody complained. Stop being so f’n sensitive.”

Readers: Do you think the Atlanta Braves Screaming Indian logo is racist? Should the team be forced to change up the image for the upcoming 2013 MLB season? Sound off below.