Chicago Man Shot Five Times In iPhone Robbery

Chicago, IL – Muggers reportedly opened fire on a man five times for his iPhone on a city street corner.

Anthony Kuber, 31, had just gotten off the train and was walking to his father’s house when he was pounced on and dragged into an alley. His iPhone fell to the ground and one of the attackers grabbed it. Kuber didn’t resist but was shot anyway. Bleeding profusely, Kuber managed to drag himself to the street, where an unidentified good Samaritan eventually called 911.

Kuber told CBS News, “Three of my fingers were literally, pretty much hanging off my hand, and that’s pretty scary.”

Because of Kuber’s lack of health insurance, a fundraising website has been set up to help him with his extensive and ongoing medical bills. The website offers more information on the attack, which occurred on November 7 at about 7:45 pm but just surfaced in the media:

“As Tony was walking he noticed a hooded man across the street but didn’t think anything of it, he was then instantly grabbed from behind by a masked man hidden behind a fence and yanked 10 yards to a desolated abandoned lot. When he was grabbed his Iphone and wallet fell out of his pockets. The man across the street ran over and picked up the Iphone and wallet from the ground. Tony was then face to face with the masked, hooded gunman. Tony did not put up a struggle. Tony then put his hands over his face in defense. Once the masked man had the Iphone and wallet, he then opened fire and left Tony for dead. Tony was shot five times with four exit wounds.”

Kuber has undergone several surgical procedures so far, and it is unclear if he will regain the use of his right hand.

The suspects in the iPhone robbery shooting are still at large.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there have been 500 murders in the city of Chicago in 2012.

Watch an interview with Anthony Kuber that aired on CBS:

Does a story like this give you second thoughts about using your smartphone in public?