‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown Reportedly ‘Very Ill’ During Second Round Of Chemo

Ami Brown is undergoing her second round of chemotherapy in California. The Alaskan Bush People matriarch and her doctors decided to go through with more treatment after Brown had some time to recover following her first round of chemo.

It is believed that Brown is just a few treatments in at this time, but sources say that she’s already “very ill.” The update comes from the non-fan Facebook page ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Exposed.

“Ami is very ill from this round of chemo,” the page’s curator wrote on Tuesday. On Monday, the curator had said that Ami was doing as best she could given the circumstances, which is understandable. Brown was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer which is said to have progressed. The Brown family nor the Discovery Channel have given an official update on Brown’s health or the status of the show, but fans do understand that chemotherapy is very hard on the body and that a second round of treatment can be even harder.

Although Brown may have been strong enough to withstand a powerful chemo cocktail, the treatments are still going to take a toll. During her first round of treatment, various outlets reported that Ami was “very weak” and that her body had become frail. This, of course, is not uncommon when it comes to patients receiving chemo.


It is unclear exactly how many treatments Ami is going to receive during her second round or how the treatments are working. There is a lot of speculation about Ami’s health out there and many people didn’t expect her to make it through the summer. However, Ami seems to be hanging in there, despite her grim prognosis.

Stage III lung cancer is very serious and it is unclear whether or not doctors think that Ami will pull through. There have been several reports that suggest that Ami is terminal, but it sounds like there is some hope — if nothing more than to prolong her life — if Ami’s body is responding to treatment.

Still no word on when Alaskan Bush People will resume filming.

[Featured Image by Discovery]