Katt Williams’ $4 Million Tax Lien Adds To Star’s Troubles

Things have not been going smoothly for Katt Williams. The recently un-retired comedian was just hit with a $4 million tax lien.

According to Contact Music, Williams owes $3.2 million in taxes for 2008 and another $829,352 for 2009.

This isn’t the first time that Williams has had to deal with the IRS. The agency filed a $284,000 tax lien against Williams in 2010.

The comedian’s tax problem is just the latest in a string of bizarre and troubling events for Williams. Over the last few months, Williams has been arrested at a Subway, involved in multiple police chases, evicted from a hotel, arrested after bar fight, and involved in a high-speed scooter chase.

The frazzled celebrity announced his retirement earlier this month but a few days later said that he’d be going back on tour. It’s a good thing, too, since Williams may have to work a little to pay back the IRS. But then again, maybe Williams will be able to pay off his $4 million tax lien thanks to his $50 million lawsuit against the city of Seattle for defaming his character.

Williams, of course, isn’t the only celebrity dealing with serious tax issues at the moment. Lindsay Lohan recently paid off a $93,000 tax lien and Stephen Baldwin was recently arrested for tax evasion.