Katt Williams Arrested in Seattle After Bar Brawl

Comedian Katt Williams has been arrested in Seattle after an apparent bar fight, bringing his weeks-long “reign of terror” to an end for now.

Katt was arrested on Sunday after a bar brawl, during which he allegedly threatened several people with a pool cue, reports TMZ. Seattle police say Katt “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business” and later followed a family outside where he flicked a lit cigarette into a woman’s eye. He also apparently threw a rock at their car.

The apparently troubled comedian has been in the headlines quite a bit over the past several weeks, leading some media outlets to believe that he’s descended into a full-on celebrity meltdown.

He was arrested weeks ago in Oakland after a similar scene and threatened to cancel his stand-up show the following day. He performed the show anyway, though it was allegedly only about 15-minutes in length and so bad that an audience member elected to sue Katt for his terrible performance.

Following that, Katt was spotted last week in Sacramento shopping at a Target store. In the security footage, he is seen chatting with an employee before abruptly slapping him in the face. The employee stayed calm and called the police, which caused Katt to mount an electric shopping cart and leave the scene.

We have no idea what the heck is going on with Katt Williams. Maybe this is some kind of Joaquin Phoenix-esque post-modern performance. What do you think?

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