3 Teens Arrested On Christmas Kidnapping And Rape Charges

Upper Darby, PA – An unnamed 22-year-old woman survived a five hour ordeal involving kidnapping and rape. Three teen assailants have since been identified. On Christmas, the young woman was waiting outside in the parking lot of George’s Water Ice around 11:30 that night in order to pick up her boyfriend. Instead, three armed aggressors muscled their way into her vehicle. She was shoved into the back seat of her Jeep Cherokee and driven around Philadelphia for nearly five hours. During that time, she was forced to engage in sexual acts with each attacker at gunpoint.

CBS Philly Newsreports that, along with her sexual assault, the attackers also stole belongings including a Coach bag, wallet, ring , and necklace. When going through her things, they discovered she had a two-year-old daughter. In an attempt to ensure silence from the victim about the ordeal, the thugs made looming threats about the child. They dropped her off, throwing the car keys under the vehicle, and ran off on foot.

The woman reported the events to Upper Darby Police. Police noted a disturbance in the area shortly after the kidnapping was reported. At the scene of the disturbance, four teens, two of whom sons of the of the home owner, were found. The other claimed to be friends with the sons.

ABC News say police found a Coach bag similar to that belonging to the kidnapping victim in their possession. The victim was later able to identify the young men as her attackers.

Kevin Jones, 17, Kewon Matthews, 17, and Brehon Rawlings, 19, were arrested and charged on 42 counts of rape, kidnapping, assault, and robbery. Rawlings is also facing weapons charges. They are being held on bond for $500,000 each and being tried as adults, according to Philly.com. They face a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 1, 2013.