Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Google Frightgeist Data Offers Most-Searched Costumes National or Local

Halloween 2017 is almost here and folks are in high-gear getting their costumes ready for the parties, parades, and contests that are the venues for Halloween celebrations this weekend across the nation. While every Halloween has their share of ghosts, witches, and goblins, this Halloween is no different. But what is a bit special about the 2017 Halloween costume search is the pop culture costumes that are searched on Google, which reflect today’s recent events.

According to Fortune Magazine, the top 10 most-searched Halloween costumes this year range from the traditional to the ones that mirror current events or current popular icons in the headlines today. Google offers Frightgeist, which is a website with all types of tools to help you find that popular or not-so-popular Halloween costume this year. Frightgeist tracks the search for Halloween costumes in real time. It also offers various ways to track those costumes, such as offering the data for the popularity of a costume by the areas in the different states.

With the Google Frightgeist, you can find the top Halloween costumes for your area just by clicking on “Local” and it magically shows you what the folks in your area are searching for in Halloween costumes. As Forbes reports, many of the lists will resemble the national list, as Wonder Woman is a hot button search all over the nation today. Although, you still might be surprised and find a pop-out costume for just your area only.

The Google Frightgeist offers a costume map mode in Frightgeist, this map lets you see what costumes are trending at any given spot you pick on this map. Some of the data offered shows trends locally like the clown costume being very big in the state of Maine, where Stephen King hails from. King’s movie It has made Pennywise the Clown a very popular costume this year, along with clowns in general.

Zombie Halloween Costume
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Pirates are a top costume found in the data for Naples, Florida, which is a coastal community and a place that Jack Sparrow the pirate would find plenty of room to dock his pirate ship. Then in Glendive Montana, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are showing up in numbers on the Halloween costume search, but it is a phenomenon that seemingly has no origin. Donald Trump shows up as number 69 on the most-searched Halloween costume national list, as real-life characters don’t seem as popular as fictional characters when it comes to costume searches this year. According to Refinery 29, last year’s Google Frightgeist had Harley Quinn and the Joker ruling Halloween for 2016. Both costumes are up there in the numbers for popular searches again this year.

Halloween 2017 Most Popular Costumes Still Has The Joker On The List
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Google also offers a Costume Wizard that allows you to pick a costume using the variety of factors that you enter into your search, like classic, modern, spookiness, level of uniqueness, and more, according to Refinery 29. So with Halloween creeping up on you, Googles’ Frightgeist offers a treasure trove of data to help pick out that Halloween Costume for 2017 in just this one-stop along the worldwide web.

Frightgeist offers the top 100 most popular Google-searched Halloween costumes for 2017. Below is a glance at the top-10 most-searched-for Halloween costumes so far this year.

The National 10 Top Google-Searched Costumes From Frightgeist:

  • 10. Dinosaur
  • 9. Zombie
  • 8. Pirate
  • 7. Mouse
  • 6. Witch
  • 5. Rabbit
  • 4. Unicorn
  • 3. Clown
  • 2. Harley Quinn
  • And the #1 most-searched Halloween costume on Google Search is Wonder Woman

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