WWE News: Kevin Owens Returns But Randy Orton Wins Big On ‘SmackDown Live’

After recently being replaced during WWE’s South American tour so he could take time away, Kevin Owens was back for WWE SmackDown Live on Tuesday night. Owens played a part in the main event match on the latest episode of the “blue brand” to potentially set up a feud going forward with one of the show’s biggest stars. The arrival of Owens during the final segment of the show seems to also further his newfound friendship or partnership with former rival Sami Zayn. In addition, he was booked for a huge match on next week’s episode of the show.

Despite concerns over Kevin Owens’ status with WWE as he might need time away, he was still part of the latest SmackDown episode. As reported by ProWrestling.net on Tuesday night, the SmackDown Live show results featured at least some mention of Kevin Owens early on. Commissioner Shane McMahon had made his return to the show following what happened to him in the main event of Hell in a Cell pay-per-view when he lost to Owens due to Sami Zayn’s interference. Shane would go on to talk about the sneak attack he set up on Raw for Monday night before he was interrupted by Zayn.

Randy Orton battles Sami Zayn in smackdown main event
Randy Orton battled Sami Zayn in the SmackDown Live main event. [Image by Getty Images]

Once in the ring with Shane, Zayn talked about how he and Owens were willing to offer their “services” for Team SmackDown at the Survivor Series. Shane told Sami that he doesn’t need or want them, but would offer them an opportunity. He said if Zayn can win his match tonight, he’ll become the first official member of the SmackDown Live men’s team for the pay-per-view. As Shane left the ring, Zayn asked him who he was facing and Shane let him know it was “The Viper” Randy Orton.

The two competitors would meet in the main event match with a spot on the SmackDown team up for grabs. Zayn and Orton put on a steady battle with the match running about 15 minutes in total time. Towards the close, Orton hit a draping DDT and set up for his finisher. Before he could go for the RKO, Kevin Owens ran down to the ring and hopped onto the apron. The distraction caused Orton to come over as the ref was yelling at Owens. Zayn took advantage with a rollup pin for the near fall.

Moments later, Owens complained to the referee from the apron. With the ref distracted, The Viper gave Sami some payback for the low blow he gave him last week. After uppercutting Zayn in the crotch, Orton stared at Owens before delivering an RKO for the win. That gives Orton the first official spot as a member of Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. Next Tuesday, at least one more member will be determined for the team.

Earlier in the show, it was also revealed that next week, Kevin Owens will battle Shinsuke Nakamura with another spot on the SmackDown squad up for grabs. One has to wonder if Sami Zayn will be involved in how the finish of this match plays out. There had been rumors several weeks ago that Owens may eventually turn face in a way to help put Zayn over as a new heel.

After recent reports that Owens had to take some time away from WWE, it’s great to see that he’s still part of the Sami Zayn storyline that recently started up. Stay tuned as the blue brand continues their push towards dominance at the November Survivor Series pay-per-view!

[Featured Image by WWE]