WWE News: Former WWE Tag Team Champion Saves Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off A Bridge

After a wrestler has their time in WWE, they may work at keeping their in-ring career going on elsewhere or at least stay in the public eye, but sometimes, the opportunity presents itself. Davey Boy Smith Jr., formerly David Hart Smith, is a former WWE Tag Team Champion who realized just how important life is this past week. He did that by being in the right place at the right time in saving a suicidal woman from jumping off of a bridge

Smith spent around five years in WWE and is a two-time former Tag Team Champion with Tyson Kidd, and he’s been wrestling in New Japan and the independent scene for a while now. He’s kept himself busy and even won some championships here and there, but the man whose real name is Harry Smith may have had his greatest accomplishment this past week.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Smith used all of his expertise and talent from the world of professional wrestling to save a woman’s life. He was passing by on a bridge in Calgary when he saw the woman on the edge and looking as if she was ready to jump to her death.

Smith said he just did what he had been trained to do and that helped him save her life.

Using his brute strength and grappling techniques, Smith saved the woman and pulled her down off the edge of the bridge. From there, he pinned her down and held her in place until the police arrived to take her into custody to undergo a mental evaluation.

Apparently, she had a gun on her person which brought about even more gratitude from police as no one knows what may have happened if he hadn’t intervened. While holding her down, Smith told her that she wasn’t going to move and that he was “an expert grappler” and let her know she was “not going to shoot” him.”

Smith said that it was lucky for her that he was there. He spoke with WrestleZone about the incident and believes it would have taken a lot more people to pry her from the edge she was standing on.

“A good thing with my training is when I had her in the mount position she was really trying to squirm and get away and buck me off. People when they are in this sort of ‘fight or flight’ mode they have a really huge adrenaline rush and sometimes they can be very, very strong and powerful for a short amount of time. You hear about people lifting up cars to save people’s lives. In that kind of situation, they almost don’t feel any pain.”

Harry Smith has done a lot in the world of professional wrestling over the years as his father did before him. His family has a long history of great matches, historic feuds, and championship reigns that have lasted decades. Still, one of his greatest accomplishments ever may have come out of the ring and on the side of a bridge as he was able to save the life of a suicidal woman.

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