Jill Duggar Protects Husband On Instagram As Fans Think She’s Pregnant With Third Baby Dillard

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been through a lot this year. Not only did they welcome their second baby into the world, but they also decided to discontinue their Central American missionary work to return home. Since Jill’s husband had more regular access to Twitter, he has also kicked up a lot of trouble for his family as he got more vocal about anti-abortion, anti-transgender, and strong Republican leanings. On top of that, his pictures on Instagram are making Counting On fans think that Jill Duggar is pregnant again with his third baby, so soon after giving birth to Samuel Dillard.

However, their troubles do not end there. Derick also had his crowdsourcing fundraiser pulled down by the host website, Pure Charity, for violating its Terms of Use. His call for donations also angered fans as he asked for $6,500 to help him cover living costs as his family settles back into northwest Arkansas.

“They most certainly ARE scammers,” one fan commented on their social media. “Why do you think they were removed from being involved in their fake missionary in Central America?”

Derick Dillard also has been tweeting about how he thinks “transgender is a myth,” specifically targeting Jazz Jennings, a star of another TLC show, I Am Jazz. This got so out of hand that the network had to state that “Derick Dillard’s personal statement does not represent the views of TLC.” This seemed to have driven a wedge between TLC and the Dillards, which may explain why Jill and Derick are not featured on the banner picture promoting the new season of Counting On.

Despite all these troubles, it looks like Jill Duggar still loves her husband and expresses her gratitude for him.


Duggar family followers cannot seem to shake their sarcasm when commenting on this heartfelt post.

“Yes ladies find an unemployed homophobe to take care of you,” one fan commented.

When they are not remarking on the fact that Derick Dillard has asked his fans to give him money and that he has attacked a transgender teen, they also touch on the fact that Jill’s family is still scarred from the fact that her brother, Josh Duggar, molested her and her sisters.

“Josh Duggar is a pedophile,” a follower wrote blatantly underneath the picture.

“People don’t like it when I bring up all the Duggar scandals? They play themselves off as a picture-perfect family,” another wrote. “Keep protecting your child molester brother. He’ll re-offend again. Feel sorry for his daughters. He shouldn’t be allowed around them.”

Another point of obsession for Jill and Derick’s followers is speculating whether she is pregnant again. Some of the pictures of Jill that her husband posted on Instagram showed signs of early pregnancy.


“Looks like Jill is pregnant again,” one fan noted.

“Jill looks so pregnant,” another one chimed in. “Wonder if baby #3 is on the way.”

Others remarked that people are confusing postpartum body with a newly pregnant one, saying that no one should assume that a woman is expecting.

“Poor girl, everyone making assumptions based on her size! Never make assumptions about a woman being pregnant,” another noted. “I hope you don’t say things like that to women you pass in the grocery store.”

Do you think Jill and Derick will continue to get pushed out by Counting On producers? Or do you think they will find a way to get featured more often? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Instagram]