Sweden Creates New Verb to Honor Soccer Star Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Sweden has chosen to honor its soccer genius Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a new verb in the Swedish language.

The verb “to Zlatan” is now officially part of the Swedish national dictionary. Its meaning? “To dominate on and off the field.”

The newest addition to the Swedish language seems fitting. Ibrahimovic, who simply goes by “Zlatan” amongst many soccer fans, has enjoyed a tremendous 2012.

The unconventional striker is currently top scorer in France’s Ligue 1, having scored 18 times for Paris St. Germain. In November, he scored all four goals in Sweden’s 4-2 friendly win over England, with the final goal a barely believable overhead kick from fully 30 yards.

Already a Swedish legend with 85 caps for his country, the 31-year-old star also came fifth in The Guardian‘s recent round-up of the world’s best players in 2012.

The verb “to Zlatan” was taken from the original French spelling of “zlataner,” and was approved by the Swedish Language Council after it was found Swedes were often using it to describe an eye-catching example of talent.

The verb was reportedly first used on Les Guignols, a popular satirical puppet show on French station Canal Plus.

You can marvel at Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible goals video below: