Kevin Owens Needs More Time Away From WWE Than Expected

Over the weekend, all the last minute changes to the card for WWE TLC created quite a stir, including the news that Kevin Owens has taken a hiatus from WWE television and live events to tend to some big family issues. Triple H made a surprising return to the ring to replace Owens during last night’s WWE house show in Chile. The Game covered for Owens, but there is still a lot of speculation about his status going forward.

It’s unclear what the personal issues are that Kevin Owens is dealing with at home, but he’s been given a lot of privacy from the fans to take care of his family. Initially, the expectation was that Owens would likely be back for tonight’s edition of SmackDown Live. However, it’s now being reported that he will miss the show tonight, and there isn’t a timetable for his return to television. It seems that he might miss significant time.

The WWE Universe should remain in the dark regarding Owens’ personal life, but that makes it difficult to predict when he will return to SmackDown Live. It seems WWE officials are granting him as much time as he needs to tend to his family. Unfortunately, the timing is terrible because Sami Zayn is still transitioning into a heel on television and Owens is pivotal to ensure that Zayn’s heel turn is successful on SmackDown.

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The powers that be are likely going to need to make a few changes for Sami Zayn’s heel run now that he will spend at least this week on his own. Owens is taking some time off, but the expectation going forward is he will be back in time to build to a match at WWE Survivor Series. Several matches were just announced on Raw, and Owens should be on the card. His role during the PPV will depend on how much time he misses.

In the short-term, Kevin Owens will miss some time. Sami Zayn’s heel run may be a little different, but it’s only a matter of time before the former can comfortably make his return. For his family’s sake and as a fan, you would like to see him return quickly. However, it’s understandable that sometimes family comes before anything else, so the WWE Universe just needs to be patient until Kevin Owens can get back into the ring.

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