‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chris Van Etten Cast As Nurse Amy’s Brother For Sweeps – Meet Chad Driscoll

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the guy who prompted the whole Man Landers plot will soon be revealed on the ABC soap. Nurse Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken) often talks about her troubled brother Chet Driscoll and how she needed the money from the Man Landers book to pay for his medical care. Now, GH has cast Chad, and he’ll show up on the soap for November sweeps. The actor who landed the role of Chet is Chris Van Etten. Does that name sound familiar? It should. It’s also the name of General Hospital’s new co-head writer, but it’s a different guy. What’s funny is that you’ll often see actor Van Etten’s photo used as headline images on articles about writer Van Etten.

Who is Chris Van Etten, the actor?

Just like Amy’s brother Chet, Chris Van Etten is also a veteran of the Armed Services. General Hospital spoilers tell us that Chet was wounded in Afghanistan and the actor is also a wounded vet. Van Etten is a model, motivational speaker, and double amputee. Last year, the handsome Van Etten landed a Jockey underwear ad that proudly showed off his biceps, tattoos, and prosthetic limbs for a campaign called “Show ‘Em What’s Underneath.”

Van Etten lost both his lower limbs in Afghanistan, so his personal real-life journey mirrors that of Chad Driscoll.

Risa Dorken happily tweeted an article about him and said to fans, “You guys will love him as much as I do.”

This is an inspired piece of casting for the ABC soap, and General Hospital spoilers promise he’s part of the big November sweeps. While most of sweeps will be devoted to the reveal of Steve Burton as Jason Morgan back from the dead (or his twin Drew), there’s room for the introduction of Amy’s brother Chad.

With Chet in PC, Man Landers was all worth it

Some General Hospital fans loved the Man Landers story and some hated it, but with it culminating in the casting of wounded veteran Chris Van Etten, it’s a great climax to the plot. What’s interesting is that Man Landers was a last-minute idea to cover for the absence of Kirsten Storms when she took a prolonged leave of absence to deal with her depression. That left a story hole for Nathan West (Ryan Paevey), and the writers scrambled and came up with the advice column plot.

There remain lingering General Hospital spoilers questions. Nathan asked Amy to shut it all down since she got the money she needed for Chet, but Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) isn’t ready for that – she’s decided she can use the fan fervor to her benefit. But perhaps GH has another twist in store. If Chet Driscoll is doing well with his PTSD, he could become the face of Man Landers – he’s sure handsome enough to pull it off, but it remains to be seen if this is where GH will go with the story.

Soap Opera Digest reported the news today of Chris Van Etten’s casting, and the wounded warrior said being cast on GH is “an awesome opportunity” and added that he “felt really lucky to be part of the show.” Check out the latest scoop on the big sweeps kick off with both Jasons at the same party this Friday. Stay tuned to ABC’s GH for Van Etten’s debut as Chad Driscoll in November sweeps and come back soon for the latest General Hospital spoilers.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]