‘The Walking Dead’ Execs Discuss Who They Almost Cast As Rick Grimes Instead of Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead is a hit show and going strong as its eighth season just premiered. The season premiere just happened to be the 100th episode of the series as well. There have been several specials in celebration of the milestone, many of which gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the much-loved show.

The show is an adaptation of the comic book by Robert Kirkman. As the team was put together to bring the comic to the television screen, casting calls were made and the challenge began. The executive producers Scott Gimple, David Alpert, Gale Ann Hurd, and Greg Nicotero all joined Talking Dead after the premiere to discuss the success of The Walking Dead.

When they were looking for the perfect Rick Grimes, they managed to get it down to two final candidates. They shared that Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal both made the decision a tough one. After going back and forth several times, the executive producers all agreed that Andrew Lincoln would be cast in the role of Rick Grimes and Jon Bernthal would be Shane Walsh.

Walking Dead fans would agree that Andrew Lincoln was the right choice. He has become the face of hope and strength in the zombie apocalypse. Andrew Lincoln was asked by host Chris Hardwick what he would be doing now if he had not been cast as Rick Grimes. The actor, in his true British accent, listed several odd job titles before deciding he would have been a pig farmer.

The cast and people behind the scenes of The Walking Dead have a unique relationship. They have become known as The Walking Dead Family and stick together. As fans have seen on the show several times, they gather for a meal in a happier time with the one who is leaving. In reality, they have their own death dinner in their honor.


As for what they shared regarding the dream sequence of Rick in the season premiere, Michonne spoke of hope for a peaceful future after the war.

Do you think the character of Rick Grimes could have ever been so loved on The Walking Dead with a different actor in the role? Would you have liked to see what Jon Bernthal would have done with the role? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Stringer/Getty Images]