WWE News: Rusev Debuts New Gimmick At Buenos Aires House Show

If there is one superstar in the WWE who needs something fresh to kickstart his career, it is the Bulgarian superstar Rusev. While he hasn’t had a chance to really run with it, Rusev is one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the roster, but he continues to be lost in bad gimmicks and losses to older, more established stars, halting any chance he has of a big push. However, the WWE is putting on shows in South America this weekend and fans saw a new Rusev gimmick make its debut in Buenos Aires.

The New Rusev WWE Gimmick

A video surfaced on Twitter that showed Rusev debut with a brand new gimmick at the house show taking place in Buenos Aires. Of course, there is also a chance that this is just something fun for the fans, as house show matches give wrestlers an opportunity to do something new and fresh and it doesn’t always carry over to the television product.

To recap what happened at the WWE show in Buenos Aires, The Usos were looking at a possible match against The New Day, but instead of another tag team match, this one was looking to be a six-man tag team match and The Usos needed a partner to take on The New Day.


That is when Rusev’s theme music started. However, instead of coming out as the Bulgarian foreign menace to team with The Usos, the new Rusev gimmick had him coming out dressed like The Usos, in their “Day One-Ish” shirt and wearing a do-rag on his head. He fit right in with The Usos for the match.

The Rusev WWE Problem

This could possibly help the WWE temporarily solve their Rusev problem. At one time, with his wife Lana as his mouthpiece, Rusev was an unbeatable monster on Monday Night Raw, but he suffered due to feuds with John Cena and Roman Reigns, and the WWE kept cutting out his legs from under him when it came to pushes.


When Rusev moved to SmackDown Live, it looked like he could get his fresh start, but he ended up feuding with Randy Orton and suffered embarrassing losses that kept him pushed down the card. It came to a head on Saturday night when the WWE had Triple H make a special appearance in Chile at a house show and he pinned none other than Rusev.

Teaming Rusev with the Usos might not make all the difference for Rusev, but it could allow him to show a little more of his personality as the new gimmick for the Usos has made them more interesting than they have been in years. Whether the new Rusev gimmick makes it to WWE television is another question.

[Featured Image by WWE]