‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Week Of Oct 23: Ava Investigates, Nelle Provokes Carly, Jake Spots Patient 6

General Hospital spoilers tease the week of October 23 will be eventful in Port Charles. Ava (Maura West) will give in to her curiosity, and she will be on a new mission. Jason (Billy Miller) will try to contain a threat. Just when he thinks he succeeded, something goes totally wrong during their celebratory party. Patient 6 is on the move, and a sighting is enough to disturb Jake (Hudson West).

Who’s The Target?

The plot thickens, and the pre-Halloween week in General Hospital will be filled with intrigue. Spoilers for Monday’s episode of General Hospital hint Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason will have an argument over what transpired at the footbridge.

Sonny learned he was under surveillance, but now that it has been revealed that Jason’s family members were also monitored, Jason thinks Sonny is not the target. Jason has plans to start fresh, and with this new development, he can’t help but feel alarmed.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) worries about the upcoming party, and Carly will reassure her things will be fine. Unfortunately, this is the furthest thing from the truth since there will be trouble during the celebration.

Ava’s Messy Affairs

General Hospital spoilers tease there’s more to come for Griffin and Ava. Griffin decided to leave his priesthood and be with Ava, but Anna (Finola Hughes) will not be exactly supportive even if Griffin insists they are keeping it casual. Anna will warn him to steer clear of Ava.

As for Ava, spoilers tease she will look into some things. There are no clues as to what this investigation is all about but it would probably involve Patient 6. Ava’s comrade in the Russian clinic is in Port Charles, and this is enough to make the wheels in her head spin. Although Ava will do her homework, she will not be fully convinced.

Missing Memories

Franco will continue to struggle with his memories, and he will drop by Andre’s to catch up. Franco seems guilty about Drew’s fate, and he will express himself through his newest artwork. Liz will be curious about the latest project Franco is involved with.


As Franco struggles with the memories he can’t recover, Liz will hear a disturbing tale from Jake. The child claims he saw someone who looked like his dad’s old face. Jake can’t help but get a nagging feeling about the man. Liz will initially think the child just saw someone who had Jason’s old face, but General Hospital spoilers tease she will change her mind soon.

Griffin will take note of how disturbed Liz feels. Franco just uncovered the secret about Drew who had the same face Jason had, and he continues to reel from guilt over what happened. All this crisis will get to Liz, and Griffin will offer some supportive words.

Nelle Gets Cocky

General Hospital spoilers tease Nelle will be overconfident about her relationship with Michael. Michael decided to call off the investigation involving Zack, but it’s too late since Curtis will have more information on his hands. Nelle might think she is off the hook, but this indicates it’s only a matter of time before she needs to fend off another issue. However, Nelle has no idea what’s coming her way, and she will act irrationally.

Spoilers tease Nelle will provoke Carly, and Michael will confront her about her behavior. It’s only a matter of time before Michael snaps, and General Hospital spoilers tease Nelle will face a bigger issue soon.

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