Man Says Beautiful Woman He Met At Bar Drugged Him, Stole His Bulldog Puppy [Video]

A man says an attractive woman he met at a bar and asked back to his home drugged him and stole his English bulldog puppy last Tuesday.

Dan King met the woman, who called herself “Naomi,” at Side Bar in Dallas, Texas, according to CBS DFW.

He told Fox 4 News that he asked the woman back to his uptown Victory Park condo after being captivated by her “very, very beautiful green eyes.” King said he got in an Uber with the female and expected others to join them, but they never came, so the two “fixed a drink.”

After having a drink with the female, the next thing King remembered was being awakened by his condo complex’s concierge at about 7 a.m. the next morning, Fox 4 News reports. The concierge told King that his guest had just left with his 10-week-old blue fawn brindle bulldog puppy, Daisy.

The woman can be seen on surveillance video, holding the little dog under her arm as she walks down a hallway.

The condo complex staff were confused about why the woman would be walking out with the puppy and knocked on King’s door to alert him, according to CBS DFW. When King failed to answer, staff entered his condo and woke him to inform him of what they had seen. He then realized his condo had been left in disarray, with his jewelry and cash missing.

The Dallas Police Department was called and officers dusted for fingerprints to try to determine “Naomi’s” true identity.

Although King admits he never got a blood test to definitively determine he had been drugged by the woman, he recalled she insisted on making him a drink the night before. He told CBS DFW that a police detective said to him, “Dan, you’ve been drugged.”

According to Fox 4 News, the woman may be linked to at least two other similar crimes in the area. Authorities say the woman involved in those prior incidents has targeted men at upscale bars, went home with them, and then robbed them of their valuables.

Another man who claims he was robbed by the same female told CBS DFW he was in Dallas on business in January when he met the woman at the Fat Rabbit Bar and asked her back to his hotel room. The man says he was “knocked out” and once he awoke had no recollection of where he was. He noted that his Rolex watch worth $20,000 was also gone.

The man said the entire incident “scared” him because he had no idea what the woman had done to him. He told CBS DFW that he had heard of these types of crimes happening before, but not “to men.”

Both King and the man who spoke to CBS DFW said they remember the woman’s “striking green eyes” but say she may have been wearing contact lenses.

Flyer for missing puppy Daisy, whose owner Dan King says she was stolen by a woman he met at a Dallas bar, brought home, and drugged him

King is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of his puppy, Daisy, hoping he gets her back soon. He told Fox 4 News that he got Daisy as a companion for his older bulldog, Diesel, “so losing her is really hard for the both of us.”

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