April 11, 2016
Farrah Abraham Slams 'F****** Shady' Nicki Minaj After Past Feud

Farrah Abraham is now blasting Nicki Minaj as being "f***ing shady" just months after the two got into a pretty nasty social media feud.

Abraham spoke out about her and Nicki's past drama at the MTV Video Music Awards on April 9, where Farrah admitted that although her feud with Minaj is now over, she's still "disappointed" with the rapper for engaging in a feud not only her but her fellow celebrities.

"That's been over with, but I have to say that I'm really disappointed in a woman acting like that," Farrah Abraham told The Shade Room on the red carpet of the awards show.

"My God, there's just been so many disappointments, not just with me but other public figures, other artists, and it's just f***** shady to do that s***," Farrah added.

Abraham also slammed Nicki at the event in a separate interview with Hip Hop Hollywood, claiming that she doesn't think Nicki "knows how to respect people."

"As a woman I want things to remain classy and really hold true to really respecting women. I don't really feel like Nicki Minaj knows how to respect people," Farrah said.

"It was really ignorant what she had said and she really looks bad lately when it comes to other things she says towards public figures, I was really let down by the things she was saying," Abraham continued, before admitting that she actually thinks Nicki is "an awesome artist."

Farrah Abraham's newest remarks about Nicki Minaj come after the two hurled scathing insults at each other over social media earlier this year.

Minaj first blasted Abraham on Twitter in January after she wrote that she felt "Farrah is a c*** to her mother," during an episode of MTV's Teen Mom OG. Nicki then followed up her initial remark by writing that Farrah "was like b**** go do some porn & leave gramma alone."

Unsurprisingly, Farrah Abraham didn't react too well to Nicki's scathing remarks and took to the social media site herself to fire back at the "Ring the Alarm" singer.

"Cause your a parent right? Your videos look like porn Horrible good luck being negative," Farrah tweeted back on January 10 alongside a screenshot of Minaj's Twitter comments and the hashtag #Godbless, where Abraham also told Nicki that she was "busy making TV."

"Your mother didn't open her legs and have that child," Nicki then tweeted to Abraham.

"Be happy she's helping! Stop talking to her like that on tv u lil c*** @F1abraham" Minaj added, before telling Abraham, "instead of dragging your mother, learn the difference between 'you're' & 'your', ding bat."

"To be clear my mom doesn't help me I help her, I love & care for my mom. Stop disgusting talk @NICKIMINAJ," Farrah then shot back, "I slay I have no time for rerun watching ignorant minions like @NICKIMINAJ worry about your family #Watchandlearn."

While Nicki has yet to fire back at Farrah Abraham's latest slam, Farrah's latest remarks about Nicki's seemingly never-ending list of feuds come just days after the rapper admitted during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she actually regrets all of her past dramas.

During a Facebook live chat filmed during the daytime talk show, a fan asked if she's "ever regretted a feud she's had with a celebrity," to which Minaj admitted that she actually regrets all her past feuds, which have included bad blood with stars including Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey.

"Yeah, all the time. All my feuds I regret," Nicki said, not naming any of her past foes by name. "I'm a sweet person, and I don't wanna be mean to people."

What do you think of Farrah Abraham's latest claims about Nicki Minaj and her past feuds?

[Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Larry Busacca/Getty Images]