New ‘Vikings’ Season 5 Teaser Confirms Shocking Ivar The Boneless’ Alliance, Lagertha’s Tragedy [Spoilers]

The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok are ready to go to war once again in Vikings Season 5. Unfortunately, it looks like Ivar the Boneless and Ubbe will be on opposing sides in a battle that could tear Kattegat apart. In addition to that, a new teaser for the upcoming season confirms that Ivar has procured an unexpected ally who can help him defeat Lagertha.

Fans have been wondering if the new queen of Kattegat will be able to defend her right to rule in the fifth season. Although there is a possibility that Lagertha will be victorious, she might also lose a loved one for the sake of her ambition in Vikings Season 5.

The new teaser for the fifth season once again highlights the civil war between Ivar the Boneless and Ubbe. Ragnar Lothbrok’s crippled son is heard declaring war on Lagertha “who killed my mother in order to be queen.” Ivar then adds that the battle is also “a war between brothers.” There is little doubt he is referring to Ubbe, who could form an alliance with Lagertha in order to eventually rule Kattegat himself. However, there is another chilling threat that also appears in the Vikings Season 5 video.

Ivar the Boneless can also be heard threatening someone in the trailer. At one point, the youngest Lothbrok warrior offers a choice to join him in the fight or be killed. There are speculations that he is speaking to his brother, Hvitserk, who is shown on Ivar’s side of the battlefield in the Vikings Season 5 teaser.

Hvitserk might side with Ivar the Boneless and fight against Lagertha in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by History]
Hvitserk might side with Ivar the Boneless and fight against Lagertha in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by History]

There have been speculations that Hvitserk’s decision to fight on Ivar’s side will be a fatal one. Some believe that he could be the next Lothbrok son who will end up dead in Vikings Season 5. However, Hvitserk is not the only possible casualty this November.

The new teaser concludes with Lagertha saying, “Now I can die.” Fans think that the former shieldmaiden is not actually preparing for her own death but simply reacting to Astrid’s possible demise in Vikings Season 5.

Will Hvitserk regret choosing to fight on Ivar the Boneless’ side? Could Lagertha lose Astrid in the civil war? Find out when Vikings Season 5 premieres on History on November 9.

[Featured Image by the History Channel]