October 20, 2017
WWE News: Kurt Angle Shockingly Returning To The Ring At 'TLC' To Replace Roman Reigns

As the wrestling fans of the world are preparing for this weekend's huge Monday Night Raw event in TLC, a big-time shocker was revealed on Friday afternoon that completely changes everything. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is returning to the ring on Sunday night, and he will team with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins of The Shield to take on a team of five superstars in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.

Due to a serious case of viral meningitis affecting numerous superstars in the locker room, Roman Reigns is now out with Angle taking his place. On Friday afternoon, the official website of WWE announced the change which is huge on so many different fronts.

Angle will now team with Rollins and Ambrose to take on the team of The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane, Cesaro, and Sheamus in the main event. This is going to be the first time that Angle has competed in a WWE ring in more than 11 years.

Everyone knew it was coming at some point in the future, but there had only been rumors as to when it would actually happen. Now, Angle's big in-ring return is just a couple of days away, and it is going to be in one of the biggest matches this year for WWE.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, a number of alternatives have been tossed around by WWE over the course of the past week as Reigns' replacement. Once all was said and done, WWE figured out that Angle was the best idea for the change-up and put him in the match.

This serious illness affecting the locker room has not only hit Reigns as Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas have both been hit by it, as reported by Sportskeeda. It seems to be much worse than expected as WWE reported that Wyatt is out for this Sunday as well and will be replaced by AJ Styles.

Yes, a SmackDown Live superstar will appear on a Raw pay-per-view to take on Finn Balor as "The Demon."

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Since returning to WWE earlier this year for his Hall of Fame induction and to become the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, fans have been waiting for Kurt Angle to wrestle again. No one expected it to be this weekend, but the bout of viral meningitis affecting so many superstars has called for drastic measures. Now, the Olympic champion will team with members of The Shield at TLC while AJ Styles will battle it out with "The Demon."

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