Was ‘Ghost Car’ Caught On Dashcam At Accident Scene? Experts Suggest What Video Really Captured

They are calling it a “ghost car” that reportedly comes out of nowhere and causes an accident, and to make things even more enticing this story comes along with a video that was picked up on a dashcam. This isn’t the typical Halloween ghost story about things that go bump in the night, this story is set in broad daylight at a very busy intersection in Singapore.

Roads.sg posted a video on their Facebook account from a vehicle’s dashcam that seems to show a car coming out of nowhere, with the emphasis on “seems.” While the story has social media users “spooked,” suggests Fox News, the video experts who have taken a good look at the footage offer their take on this so-called “ghost car.”

The Daily Star is asking their readers, “Can you work this out?” That’s what they want to know when presenting their readers with this perplexing dilemma in their article on the so-called “ghost car.” This website has also come to the conclusion using logic on how this actually occurred. Their theory doesn’t entail any type of hoax or smoking mirrors. It was a combination of things that made this car look as it just dropped out of the sky to cause an accident.

The video is conjuring up all sorts of comments from people, with many appearing baffled over what they are seeing.

Jacky Tong Liang wrote on the Facebook page for Roads.org, “This is really weird. Played a few times and still cannot figure out where the car is from.”

No one was hurt in the crash that’s captured on the video below where a silver car just shows up and collides with a BMW.


You don’t see this silver car coming down the street as you should from the view this dashcam has captured. The car seemingly just drops into the frame. While it’s uncanny, suggests the experts, there is a perfectly valid explanation for what you are seeing, which is a two-vehicle accident with both cars belonging in this world.

It’s an optical illusion, suggest the experts, which has to do with the “uncanny timing” of the cars traveling down the street. They offer up their theory that the white car, which is seen turning in the video, blocks the other car or “ghost car” from the view of the dashcam. Here is what the experts suggest you look at while viewing the video.

Fox News writes, “The car may appear to come from nowhere, but if you look closely at the clip you can see the ‘ghost car’ behind the van at :09. Later in the clip, at the 0:15 mark, the roof of the silver car is barely visible behind the car that crashes into it.”

You might expect a ghostly image to look like this photo above, not two cars in a fender bender in the middle of the day as in the odd story of the “ghost car.” [Image by Lario Tus/Shutterstock]

The timing along with the reflection of the dashcam providing a distortion of the collision makes it hard to decipher exactly what is going on in the video. This explanation seemed to bring out the rational comments from the Fox News article readers.

“Pretty neat illusion,” writes one reader, and another one finds the story not even worth mentioning if all it boils down to is a “minor car accident.”

People were also having fun with the story, as one reader dubs this “ghost car” as the result of “teleportation,” and another user suggests, “It was a timewarp LA driver that got lost in the spacetime continuum.”

Once reading the rational explanation suggested in the Fox News article, the majority of people commenting on that article seem to see this eerie scene as an optical illusion. This is much different from the folks who have commented on the video that was posted on Facebook when it was first shared with the masses.

As Fox News said, the video was originally “spooking” social media users. It is that time of the year when ghost stories usually become overabundant online, so why not a little tidbit about a “ghost car”?

[Featured Image by Sergey Molchenko/Shutterstock]

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