Thirty-Year-Old Newlywed Tragically Dies After Snorkeling On Honeymoon In The Maldives

What was supposed to be the best time of 30-year-old Andrew Roddy’s life ended up in his tragic and untimely death.

According to People, Andrew and his new wife, Jill Campion, were honeymooning in the Maldives just two weeks after their wedding when Andrew encountered trouble and drowned. To make things even more tragic, Andrew had just celebrated his 30th birthday the week prior. He was also the only child in his small family.

Roddy’s mother, Marion Roddy, told The Independent that her son and his wife were snorkeling and looking at dolphins when the accident happened. When Gill turned around to look for Andrew, he was gone. Gill didn’t really know what happened because they were near each other at the time of the accident, and it all happened so fast.

The Irish Sun reports Gill is just devastated over the whole tragedy. And to make matters worse, she was alone immediately after the drowning happened. Since then, the family has flown from Ireland to the Maldives to be with Gill and to wait for Andrew’s body to be released. The family said that it could take almost two weeks to get Andrew’s body back from the local authorities.

Marion Roddy also told The Independent that her son was a strong swimmer and was actively involved in sports his whole life, so she is baffled as to how this whole thing happened.

The same publication reports that Roddy and Campion met at New Ireland Assurance, where they both worked. From the time that they met, the couple was said to be “great” together while other friends called the pair “inseparable.”

According to The Sun, a bunch of Andrew’s friends gathered together yesterday to pay tribute to their friend. One friend of Roddy’s made a point for everyone to know how “well-liked” Andrew was.

According to their website, the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is comprised of 26 natural atolls that have dual island chains. The islands are known for the signature crystal blue water, reef structures, and spectacular underwater creatures. It is a very common and popular spot for couples to honeymoon.

[Featured Image by Caleb Jones/AP Images]