Samantha Ciotta: Married Teacher In Snapchat Video Boozing With Teens, Had Intercourse With Boy, Police Say

Samantha Ciotta, a 32-year-old married mom and high school teacher, was arrested last month on allegations that she engaged in sexual relations with a troubled, 14-year-old boy who was failing her English class, according to reporting by the local news site

In that video, the teacher was seen drinking alcohol while clad only in a shirt and panties and the two teen boys in the video were clothed only from the waist down, according to the report. stated that the teen, who has been identified as the teacher’s alleged victim, was one of those two boys. The other boy informed the police that his friend was having sex with Ciotta.

The second teen boy in the video reportedly told investigators that if police examined Ciotta’s mobile phone, “they will find out” about the sexual relationship.

According to a news release by the Beaumont, California, Police Department, Ciotta is suspected of “unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation with persons under the age of 18.” Police say they suspect there may be other boys who became sexually involved with Ciotta, and they are now asking for the public’s help in locating any other victims.

The teen boy reportedly displayed the Snapchat video to friends, one of whom noticed that Ciotta appeared in the video. That friend then asked the boy if the woman in the video was indeed “Mrs. Ciotta.” The victim affirmed that it was and went on to tell his friends that he had been “f******” Ciotta, “gettin’ in deep” and “getting threesomes for the past couple weeks” at Ciotta’s house, according to the reports.

Police searched Ciotta’s home and found a handwritten note from Ciotta to her husband in which she named the teen and attempted to explain her relationship with him, according to the report. But it appeared that Ciotta, or someone else, had attempted to destroy the note.

The troubled teen came to Beaumont High School in 2015. His mother is deceased, and his father is reportedly in prison while the boy went to live with a “guardian.” But upon meeting the boy in her English class, Ciotta reportedly offered herself as his “advocate” and gave him extra help with his schoolwork in the class.

When police first confronted the boy, who has been described as “incorrigible,” allegedly assaulted his guardian, and had run away from home for months at a time, he denied having a sexual relationship with Ciotta. But he later changed his story, police say, according to a report by The Los Angeles Times newspaper.

“During the investigation the victim recently disclosed to detectives there has been unlawful sexual intercourse occurring for the past few months by a teacher who works at the Beaumont High School,” a police statement to The Times said.

Ciotta’s husband, Scott Ciotta, apparently became aware of the inappropriate relationship between his wife and the boy sometime in or before June. Mr. Ciotta attempted to investigate by sending text messages to a relative of the boy, using an iPhone that he and his wife had purchased for the teen, initially posing as the boy. Scott Ciotta confirmed to that he had sent those text messages from the phone, the site’s report said.

Ciotta, who lives in Banning, California, was arrested on September 20 after an investigation that began in June. She was released on a bond of $150,000, and a date for her next court appearance has not yet been announced.

[Featured Image by Beaumont Police Department Facebook]