After Both His Parents Survived The Vegas Massacre, Baby Born Two Days Later Is ‘Vegas Strong’ In Newborn Pics

The photographer of a touching tribute that features the newborn son of two survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting says the child has become a “beacon of hope” for all.

While Markie Coffer and her boyfriend, Travis Matheson, were awaiting the arrival of their baby boy, they decided to attend the popular country music showcase in Las Vegas, according to CBS. The couple’s thought was that since the baby was already a week past his due date, maybe the music and atmosphere would help to speed things along.

ABC reports that the couple was still at the concert when shooter Stephen Paddock unleashed thousands of rounds of shots into the crowd from his hotel room at Mandalay Bay. Luckily, Coffer, Matheson, and Matheson’s brother were able to flee the scene and escape to a nearby hospital. CBS reports that Matheson’s brother was shot in the shoulder but is expected to be okay. Just two days later, Markie gave birth to baby boy Wyatt.

When Las Vegas-based MBF Photography heard the couple’s story on the local news, they were so touched and felt inclined to make something positive come out of the tragic events of that day. So, they reached out to Coffer and Matheson to offer a free photoshoot to the new parents, and Markie and Travis accepted the generous offer.

“Meet baby Wyatt,” the Facebook post begins.

The post then goes on to tell the story of how Coffer and Matheson survived the deadly attack before giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. MBF says that the small baby has become a “beacon of hope” for all before calling him a “Vegas strong baby.” At the end of the post, the photographer links to a YouTube video of a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot.

The most popular photo in the series shows baby Wyatt sleeping on a rustic, blue bed with a fuzzy yellow pillow that almost looks like it could be a bail of hay. To complete the “country music festival” look, Wyatt is shown in cozy pants, a cowboy hat, and of course, a tiny guitar. In front of the bed is a display of illuminated gold letters that spells out “Vegas Strong.”

“To show that even after this horrible event, Las Vegas still shines. Baby Wyatt, for many, is the light of our city,” the photographer explains.

The tragic events of October 1 ended up claiming 58 lives while many are still hospitalized with injuries. Do you agree that baby Wyatt brings the light out of such a dark tragedy?

[Featured Image by Gregory Bull/AP Images]