‘Conan Exiles’ Delayed A Quarter For Further Polishing, Will Swing Around Early Access A Bit Longer

Funcom has made slow but steady progress on Conan Exiles in Steam Early Access for the PC and the Xbox One Game Preview program. The open-world survival title set in the lands of Hyboria will be hanging out in a pre-release state for a bit longer as the developer announces it needs a little more time to introduce all the planned features and make sure everything is well polished.

Conan Exiles was scheduled for an official launch during the first quarter of 2018. This would not have just been the PC and Xbox One launches but likely the PlayStation 4 release as well. This has now been pushed off slightly to “early Q2 2018.” This puts it somewhere in an April, 2018, time frame.

“Making sure that Conan Exiles is of a high technical and gameplay quality is our number one priority right now. As such, we have decided to take a little more time than we had originally planned, to make sure we get as much polish in as we can before it moves out of Early Access,” Funcom announced via posts to Facebook and Twitter.

This should not come as a surprise to those who have followed Conan Exiles‘ development over the past few months. The game experienced a rough Xbox One Game Preview launch with crashes and various bugs. The PC version has also experienced its share of issues at the same time.

Conan Exiles Combat

Funcom has slowed the pace of introducing new features to the game while it works on making Conan Exiles as stable and bug-free as possible. The game’s test server is currently testing a handful of new features like new building pieces, placeable items, a new Artisan Workbench, and repair kits, but the patch notes also list over 40 fixes and improvements.

The focus on stability and bug fixes for Conan Exiles on the PC and Xbox One will continue but there are multiple development teams working on the game with different focuses. This includes continued work on the new combat system that introduces combo attacks for different weapons along with stacks and buffs. A new dungeon inside the Volcano located in the Frozen North expansion is also coming soon with deadly lava to contend with in addition to new enemies.

Gamers will only have to wait a month or so before the official release of Conan Exiles. However, the move to the second quarter of 2018, puts the official release past the end of Funcom’s current fiscal year. An official statement on how much this impacts the developer’s financial outlook will have to wait. However, the benefit of Early Access is the game is already bringing in revenue.

[Featured Image by Funcom]