Kim Jong-un Calls Donald Trump A ‘Rabid Man,’ Threatens U.S. With ‘Immense Volley Of Nuclear Fire’

The war of words between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump continues as the supreme leader of North Korea recently mocked his American counterpart by calling the POTUS a “rabid man.” Kim Jong-un also issued another threat against the United States.

Kim Jong-un said on Thursday that Trump is the “rabid man in the White House” before threatening the country with an “immense volley of nuclear fire.” According to Fox News, Kim Jong-un said that North Korea would respond with a barrage of nuclear missiles if Trump “hopes to settle confrontation with nukes.”

The latest nuclear threat came via a statement released by the Korean Central News Agency or KCNA, the Asian country’s official press agency. Interestingly, a series of innocent-looking photos of a smiling Kim Jong-un was also released along with the prepared statement.

Kim Jong-un, his wife, Ri Jol Ju, and other officials of the regime were photographed while visiting a shoe factory. In the series of photos, Kim Jong-un can be seen grinning as he checked out the place, as well as the products made at the Ryuwon Footwear Factory, particularly a bright pink children’s rubber shoe.

The statement seems to paint Kim Jong-un as the victim. It said that ever since the DPRK was founded, “its people have experienced sanctions and pressure,” which it described as “a war without gunfire.” North Korea also claimed that it has long been threatened by the United States.

“The US is different from the DPRK,” the statement read. “Historically, it is the chieftain persistently threatening the DPRK.”


The “rabid man” comment is likely a play on the “little rocket man” that Trump uses to mock the DPRK chairman. Kim Jong-un has also hurled a number of insults toward Trump. He has called Trump “a rogue and a gangster,” “a frightened dog,” and “a mentally deranged U.S. dotard.”

Trump, meanwhile, has described Kim Jong-un as a madman and has questioned his sanity several times.


The war of words between the two leaders has the whole world worrying about a potential nuclear war, which would likely start the Third World War. North Korea has been testing nuclear missiles and has threatened to use them on Guam and other U.S. territories, including the mainland. In fact, an ambassador for North Korea said that the U.S. mainland is within their firing range.

“If the U.S. dares to invade our sacred territory, even an inch, it will not escape our severe punishment in any part of the globe.”

Kim In Ryong, the North Korean Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, also said on Monday that they do not intend “to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against any other country” that will “not take part in the U.S. military actions against DPRK.”

[Featured Image by Wong Maye-E/ AP Images and Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]