'Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Victor Finds New Love, Gloria Heals The Mustache, Makes Him Forget Nikki?

Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman) might be just the ticket to soothing Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) wounded ego. After Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) gave Gloria the green light to pursue her ex, Gloria sure seemed interested. Will Nikki live to regret encouraging Gloria to go after Victor? Could Gloria be the one to finally break Victor and Nikki's bond? This could be a match made in heaven or hell, and Y&R fans should brace themselves for a bumpy ride.

Gloria a better match for Victor than Nikki?

Although Y&R spoilers from She Knows Soaps promised that Victor invited Nikki to move back to the ranch to heal the family, she declined and told him anything worth having takes time. But the Mustache has no patience, and the more time Nikki spends away from him and with his nemesis, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), the less likely that they will heal their broken marriage. And now Nikki is throwing a monkey wrench into the reconciliation plans by inviting Gloria to pursue Victor. What was she thinking?

Victor and Gloria shared a flirtatious moment last week on The Young and the Restless, but he didn't make her any offers, other than for work. But now that Gloria has a romance with Victor on her mind, she'll go for it. One thing about Gloria is that she's not shy and will make it plain to Victor she's interested, and things will progress from there. Victor wants Nikki back and wants his marriage and family healed, but once he realizes it's not possible, Gloria's waiting arms will look more inviting.

Victor stunned that Nikki sent Gloria to him

A recent YR recap reminds us that not only did Nikki encourage Glo to go for Victor but offered to give her advice on how to attract and keep his attention. Of course, Gloria doesn't need lessons on how to entice a man, but she might take Nikki up on the offer to make sure she's hitting all his hot buttons. If Gloria wonders about Nikki's motive, she need look no further than her boss Jack. Nikki and Jack want another chance for a relationship, and they need Victor to leave them in peace. Enter Gloria.

While Young and the Restless spoilers tease the Mustache may initially (but politely) refuse Gloria's advances, once he finds out Nikki encouraged her, the dynamic will shift. Perhaps Victor will finally see that Nikki truly doesn't want him, but Gloria does. Plus, if Victor starts seeing Gloria, Nikki might be jealous. His feelings are hurt, and he feels betrayed over Nikki and Jack, so spending time with Gloria could be very good for Victor. It might be a rebound, it might be just about sex, or it could be love.

Gloria wouldn't hold Victor back

One big selling point for a romance between Glo and Victor is that she wouldn't judge him for his schemes and shenanigans. Gloria is a master schemer herself and would be a willing partner in crime for Victor. Nikki has always judged him, even though she's an ex-stripper and an alcoholic. Gloria wouldn't do that to Victor. Although Victor's no spring chicken, maybe Gloria could be a new love of Victor's life. Mal Young promised in an interview in this week's Soap Opera Digest that he's about to change things.

He promised more screen time to legacy characters like Victor and Gloria and pledged to cut out new characters brought in to advance stories, but that doesn't fit the long-term character canvas. That could mean Jordan, Zack, and others might be looking at the end of their story arcs. We'll see what happens soon with these Y&R spoilers, but it looks like the Mustache is about to meet his match with Gloria. Check back soon for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

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