Apple iWatch Rumors Have Intel Developing Smartwatch For 2013

Apple iWatch rumors have Intel developing the processors for the upcoming Apple Smartwatch design that will supposedly be released in 2013. The iWatch is rumored to begin production sometime in the first half of 2013 but some think the idea that Intel is producing the processor is too far-fetched.

SmartWatches have just begun becoming available this past year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sony already has a smartwatch that connects to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. But these smart watches are not designed to be self-contained devices that miniaturize and replace your iPhone like some sort of Dick Tracy device.

SmartWatches like the upcoming Apple iWatch are intended to supplement the functionality of other iDevices like an iPhone or iPad. Instead of being as powerful as an iPhone, or even a Nano, the iWatch would connect to other devices using low-power Bluetooth 4.0. The idea is that the iWatch is simply an extended interface that “allows you to do things like read a text message or control music directly from your wrist without having to pull out your device.”

The watch face will feature ITO-coated glass, but otherwise the biggest rumor is that Intel will produce the processor. TechSpot believes this rumor is unlikely to be true:

“The confusing part of this rumor, however, is Intel’s involvement. Apple has been keen on decreasing dependence on outside help as of late, especially with regards to processor development. An iWatch wouldn’t need a powerful processor as CPU-intensive tasks could be remotely performed on the paired device instead.”

Mobile Geeks is a German website but I’ve attempted to translate what they believe will be the specifications for the upcoming Apple iWatch:

“We can only speculate about the specifications of the Apple SmartWatch at this current time, but our insider sources in Asia speak of a 1.5-inch RiTdisplay with OLED technology. Apple itself has not officially announced specifications yet and are not expected to provide more info – Cupertino keeps such information close to its chest until launch day. If we look at the history of the recent Apple iDevices we know, however, that there is always information leaks somewhere in the production chain. So, historically, we know almost all the specifications and design of the new device before the official Apple presentation. Hopefully, this is also the case again this time, and we may lean quickly what specifications we have to expect from the iWatch.”

Some enterprising people have already begun creating their own version of an Apple smartwatch by configuring the Apple iPod Nano 6G as a wrist watch. Do you think you would buy an Apple iWatch in 2013?