Audrey Roloff Explains Why October Is Her ‘Favorite Color’

Audrey Roloff of the reality TV show Little People, Big World recently shared that October is her “favorite color” and she explained why that particular month is so dear to her heart.

According to Audrey, it was during an October when she finally told Jeremy her true feelings for him. It was the first time that Audrey said “I love you” to Jeremy and that moment stuck with her, of course. That alone is enough reason why Audrey thinks October is “such a beautiful, exciting, [and] nostalgic time of the year” for the young Roloff couple.

It’s not the only reason, though. Audrey shared that she and Jeremy had to endure a long distance relationship at one point in their relationship. During this period, the most number of times Audrey and Jeremy got to see each other was on an October. Audrey and Jeremy got to spend some time with one another only on weekends during that span.

October also happens to be pumpkin season and this meant Audrey got to do some work on the pumpkin patch when she visited Jeremy at Roloff Farms back when they were still dating. Audrey said that she has a lot of “sweet memories” of her time spent on the farm with Jeremy.

Nowadays, Audrey is too busy to help out at the farm. Audrey and Jeremy welcomed their daughter, Ember Jean, a month ago. Understandably, Audrey has her hands filled taking care of Ember. She also had to deal with mastitis early on so working at the farm like she did before is definitely out of the question.

That doesn’t mean that Audrey doesn’t want to help out. In fact, she said that she misses working in the pumpkin patch. Audrey makes it a point to visit the patch regularly, however.

“For now, we are just popping in every now and then to say hi,” Audrey said.

Perhaps that’s indeed the only logical work Audrey can do at the farm right now. Many of the farm’s visitors are fans of Little People, Big World and they would definitely be delighted to get to meet the reality stars especially Ember Jean, the newest addition to the family and the show.

Aside from the meet-and-greet, Audrey is also helping out by promoting this year’s pumpkin season. In fact, Audrey used the opportunity to ask who among her followers are coming over to Roloff Farms this October. A number of people said that they are going while some shared photos of themselves at the farm after their visit. Others said they would want to go if they weren’t so far away. Many of them said it was a dream to go visit the farm and meet the Roloff family.

October is indeed a busy yet wonderful time at the farm. Audrey said that she’s looking forward to next October, when Roloff Farms will once again come alive. By that time, baby Ember can experience “all the joys of pumpkin season.”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]