‘Little People, Big World’ Star Tori Roloff Excitedly Shares That Baby Jackson Is ‘Starting To Get Some Hair’

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff took to social media recently to excitedly share that baby Jackson is “starting to get some hair.” Fans of Little People, Big World have been asking for a while when baby Jackson will get hair, especially after his baby cousin, Ember, was born with “peach fuzz hair,” as noted by In Touch Weekly. Tori Roloff regularly keeps fans updated on 5-month-old baby Jackson, and showed off his “swirl” in an Instagram Stories video that was captured and uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

The two-minute video clip, which was shared on the Celebrity Status YouTube channel, starts out with mom Tori Roloff showing off the back of baby Jackson’s head, saying “look at that swirl.” The 26-year-old first-time mom and Little People, Big World star by marriage continues on to excitedly talk about baby Jackson’s “cute little baby hair” and points out his “peach fuzz” before moving on to talking about the “little baby rolls” on the back of Jackson’s legs. Tori’s Instagram Stories video then cuts to showing baby Jackson as he “steps out” with dad Zach, 27, and mom Tori for a walk — without the dog.

Before the video ends, Tori Roloff once again talks about baby Jackson’s growing hair and shows her Instagram followers his “part.” Tori is shown rubbing the top of baby Jackson’s head and says, “Mama just messed up that part.”

Baby Jackson’s cousin, Ember Jean, was born on September 10 with “strawberry” peach fuzz hair. Just five days later, Little People, Big World fans were asking Tori Roloff on Instagram if any hair was “in the forecast” for Jackson, but “hair or no hair” fans think that baby Jackson is “so freaking cute” with his kissable cheeks and “chubby little legs.”

Fans of the reality TV newlywed couple have also been back and forth about who baby Jackson looks more like, Zach or Tori, but one fan commented on Tuesday’s video that baby J. now “looks more like mommy” than daddy.

Tori Roloff also recently shared baby Jackson’s 5-month milestones, as previously shared by the Inquisitr, and getting hair was not on that list. However, Tori noted that baby Jackson “loves hanging out at the pumpkin patch” on Roloff Farms, which proud grandpa Matt Roloff recently shared in an interview with KPTV now has “new things for kids to play with this year.” Baby Jackson also enjoys hanging out with cousin Ember, and Zach’s fraternal twin brother, Jeremy Roloff, shared on Wednesday that the “cousins are getting along just fine.”

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]