Bigfoot Family Spotted And ‘Pictures Go Viral’: Largest Carries Pig, Trips, And Pig Goes Flying

It sounds as if something is happening near one Northern California lake, where a grouping of Bigfoot-like creatures has been spotted by different people on several different occasions over the last five years. The most recent sighting includes the biggest Bigfoot of the bunch carrying a pig over its shoulder and having a mishap as he scrambles to get away. The story may sound unbelievable to you, but one paranormal expert claims these sightings are not unusual in this area.

If there are bigfoot entities out there, with the numbers of cameras instantly available via cell phones, someone is bound to catch some incredible pictures and videos. If anyone has spotted these Bigfoot creatures or has captured images, there’s one paranormal expert just itching to talk to you.

The latest sighting by a farmer caught the eye of paranormal expert Jeffery Gonzalez, who set out to investigate just what this farmer saw, according to Fox News. The farmer lives near Avocado Lake, and he described coming across five Bigfoot-like creatures who took off running on his ranch near the lake.

The largest of the five Bigfoot creatures was carrying a pig over its shoulder, the farmer told Gonzalez. The creature was running so fast that he didn’t see an irrigation pipe and tripped over it, causing the pig to go flying. The farmer described how the startled Bigfoot creatures took off.

He said, “And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over.”

Gonzalez is a paranormal expert for Paranormal Central. He lists his credentials on his Facebook page as a talk show host, an investigator, and the founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society, cites Fox News. He also lists being an AT&T technician.

While exciting, this sighting isn’t “unusual” says Gonzalez. Over the last five years, this makes the fourth sighting of these Bigfoot creatures in Eastern Fresno County. Gonzalez describes another incident in which a man saw five of these creatures in his orchard across the street from his home. Then there’s a mom who claims that her sons came upon one of those creatures in the same orchard, according to KATU News.

“What are the odds of three people, three different families, who don’t know each other, within a radius of 2 to 3 miles, come and tell me what they witness, and it matches up?”

The pictures and video that have gone viral are seen on, which you can see here.

Gonzalez believes others out there have seen these Bigfoot creatures in this area. He also believes that many are afraid to say anything for fear of being ridiculed. This paranormal expert urges those who have seen something to get in touch with him. He claims this is the time to say something as he, along with others, believe Bigfoot is back in this valley.

If you think you’ve seen something he wants to hear from you. He asks that you please email Gonzalez at

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