Jamie Aguiar: Wife Of Missing Florida Millionaire Wonders If Husband Faked His Own Death

Rio Vista Isles, FL – Jamie Aguiar, the wife of a missing Florida millionaire wonders if she is a widow or has simply been abandoned. Guma Aguiar disappeared six months ago, and Jamie has been stuck in financial limbo ever since.

Guma, 35, made his millions in the oil and gas industry. He was last seen on his motorboat in Port Everglades on June 19, Fox News reports. The mission Brazilian-born man’s wife, mother, uncle, and siblings have been feuding over his estimated $100 million fortune since is disappearance, the Orlando Sentinel notes.

The absence of a body means that it could take up to five years for Guma Aguiar to be declared dead in the eyes of the law – and insurance companies. Jamie Aguiar,33, allegedly tried to challenge the prenuptial agreement she signed when tying the knot with the Florida millionaire and had threatened her spouse with a divorce.

The possible widow had this to say about her missing spouse:

“It’s a very difficult time. I try and count our blessings every single day and try and think of what I’m grateful for.”

Guma and Jamie Aguiar met during their high school years and supposedly had a tumultuous marriage. The missing Florida oil and gas magnate reportedly spent some time in a mental hospital. Guma reportedly once filed divorce papers but ultimately withdrew the request.

The wife’s attorneys maintain that Guma is merely missing and possibly living in the Netherlands. They claim that the millionaire faked his own death to avoid losing his massive fortune in a divorce. He vanished two months after Jamie reportedly sought a judicial opinion about the legal status of the prenuptial agreement.

The couple has one daughter and three sons. The children range in age from 15 months to 7 years old. Jamie is reportedly raising the children in the Aguiar’s $5 million mansion, but the property has been listed for sale. Guma’s motorboat that washed ashore and his 75-foot yacht have also been placed on the market. The family battle over Guma’s massive estate is reportedly causing nearly $1 million per month in legal bills.