WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Returning For Huge Match With The Shield At ‘WWE Survivor Series’

During last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns officially reunited The Shield. As this week’s show came to a close, it was Kane’s WWE return that has left the WWE Universe buzzing. Some people believed The Big Red Machine was too busy to wrestle. However, it’s being speculated that Kane’s return and involvement in WWE TLC this Sunday could lead to something much bigger.

Almost immediately, there were rumors that Kane’s return to Raw will eventually lead to the WWE return of The Undertaker. Over the past few months, there have been several rumors about The Deadman having one more match for WWE. A lot of people believe that the upcoming WWE Survivor Series PPV is a golden opportunity for him to return for a huge retirement match against someone like John Cena or even Kane.

There are so many possible matches, but it’s being reported that WWE officials could be planning to reform “The Brothers of Destruction” to face off against The Shield at WWE Survivor Series in November. A lot of people would consider that a dream matchup, especially when you consider all the stars that need to align for the match to take place. The Shield is reunited. Kane is back. The Undertaker’s return is the final piece.

The Undertaker and Kane Could Have a Double Retirement Match Soon
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The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Shield would be the major selling point for WWE Survivor Series, but the match would create several interesting dynamics. The Deadman facing off against Roman Reigns again after WrestleMania 33 would be extremely interesting. WWE officials would have an uphill battle trying to keep both teams babyface during the feud and choosing a winner would also be a huge challenge for them.

The most likely result would be The Undertaker and Kane getting the victory, but that would frustrate a lot of people because The Shield is being built as the ultimate trio at WWE TLC. There are a lot of question and concerns about a potential match between The Brothers of Destruction and The Shield, but the majority of WWE fans would be ecstatic to see it happen at WWE Survivor Series. If The Undertaker is returning for a final match at Survivor Series, it’s extremely likely he will make his return at WWE TLC this Sunday night.

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