‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 112 Spoilers: U6’s Saonel & Pilina Merge Into Super Namekian Warrior?

The latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super mostly revolved around the three strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power — Jiren, Son Goku, and Hit. After facing the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction, Goku suffered a massive defeat while Hit ended up being eliminated. The upcoming episode will be featuring other fighters in the World of Void, including the two Namekians from Universe 6.

As the twin universe of Universe 7, Universe 6 also has Saiyans, an evil guy like Freeza (Frost), and the latest revelation is the existence of Namekians. While Goku was watching the battle between Jiren and Hit, two enemies found an opportunity to take advantage of his weakened body. Saonel and Pilina, two of the five remaining fighters of Universe 6, launched an attack with the goal of eliminating the strongest fighter of Universe 7.

Fortunately for Son Goku, Piccolo and Son Gohan arrived on time and saved him. Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 is expected to feature the continuation of the battle between Piccolo and Son Gohan versus the Namekians of Universe 6. As of now, there is only a little information available for the two Nameks. However, it is expected that they will be giving the Universe 7 a tough fight in the Tournament of Power.


For fans who have watched Dragon Ball Super from the beginning, it’s easy to understand why the two Nameks don’t give them as much hype as other enemies like Jiren, Hit, and Toppo. The Namekians are not the type of mortals to be feared. However, they could do something that could give them a massive amount of power.

In a Twitter post, Odd Blankenship joked that Saonel and Pilina will fuse into Hit in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. Of course, it’s impossible unless the two Omni-Kings decide to bring Hit back in the Tournament of Power. However, the idea of merging into one powerful character is a possibility for the Namekians, even without using the Kaioshin’s Potarra earrings.

If two powerful Namekians fuse, they can turn into a Super Namekian Warrior. Piccolo is already a Super Namekian Warrior after merging with Kami, a fellow Namek who was the guardian of the Earth before Dende. Universe 6’s Nameks may not be as powerful as Jiren and Son Goku, but their possible transformation can give an additional excitement in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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