‘F*** N*****s!:’ Utah Weber High School Cheerleaders Get Threats Amid Reverse ‘Serggin Cuff’ Racial Slur Video

The lesson to be learned from the viral video of Utah cheerleaders from Weber High School saying a racial slur is to not say “serggin cuff” – that is, if you don’t want the “serggin cuff” words to be reversed and the video to go viral around the world. As reported by Desert News, a video was posted to Instagram, showing at least five teenage girls saying the “serggin cuff” phrase that sounds like a racial slur when reversed. Now the Weber School District is investigating the incident, and folks online are aghast as they spread the video of the girls around, along with what they claim to be are their names and the phone number of the school.

The Weber School District planned to speak with the Weber High students to figure out where the video was filmed and more details about the case. As seen in a message on Facebook posted below, a message allegedly posted by one of the girls’ mothers claimed that the girls were told by a boy to repeat the words and he used an app to flip the video. The video was posted to an account and it went viral and was tweeted “to the world,” according to the mom.

It’s not clear if the mother is referencing the below Twitter copy of the video, which has gained nearly 10,000 likes on Twitter and thousands of retweets since it was posted on Twitter on Monday, October 16. However, the video is a hot topic all across social media, with people weighing in on how offending the video appears to be. Only 10 seconds long, the video has gained thousands — if not millions — of views across various social media platforms.

Warning: The below video contains offensive language.


On Facebook, Jay Whittaker shared a post about the video and his feelings about the car filled with screaming girls screaming the backwards racial slur. Lots of folks from Utah are commenting beneath the viral video that they are not surprised about “the horrible, disgusting video.” Others are urging more leniency for what is being deemed as a stupid mistake by teens. What is being realized is how quickly offensive slurs can travel across the Internet.

Utah cheerleaders in trouble for racial slur.
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