Eminem New Album Release Date: ‘Lose Yourself’ Rapper Finishes Production For Ninth Record

The long wait for Eminem’s new album may soon be over. Latest updates reveal that production for the songs of the 45-year-old rapper’s ninth record is complete and an announcement for the album’s release is expected to be unveiled in the coming months, if not weeks.

Eminem may have been quite active on social media in the recent weeks after releasing a video slamming U.S. President Donald Trump, but his loyal followers have been wondering whether the “Lose Yourself” rapper will be making an announcement soon about his ninth album. Per Billboard, Mr. Porter teased fans that Eminem is done producing the songs for his new album.

While Mr. Porter retracted his statement in a follow-up interview, stating that his comments were only meant to troll the trollers, it has been revealed by DJ Booth that production for Eminem’s new album has been completed. This means that it is only a matter of time before the “Rap God” rapper finally releases his most awaited ninth album, especially since it has been four years since he released his eighth album.

News of Eminem’s ninth album made rounds online after the “Stan” rapper himself told fans in a tweet that he is working on a new record. Not long after, several posts on social media seemingly point out to some progress in Eminem’s new album.

Eminem at the 2014 Lollapalooza

The publication further notes that Eminem’s new album may be a collaboration with some of his old friends in the industry along with some new ones. For instance, Dr. Dre is believed to have some role in his ninth record, as director Allan Hughes stated in an interview that Dr. Dre will work on one track from Eminem’s upcoming album. He will also do a track with a female singer named Jenn Em.

Also, 2Chainz recently posted several photos of him and Eminem with a cryptic hashtag, “#marshalllikestrapmusic.” This tweet led to speculations that there might be some changes in Eminem’s music because of this rumored collaboration with 2Chainz.

Since production of Eminem’s record has come to completion, rumors are swirling online that the release of the “Love the Way You Lie” rapper will come out in November. However, there has been no official announcement yet, so fans will still have to wait for Eminem to let them know when they can get their hands on his new album.

Which collaboration are you most looking forward to in Eminem’s new album?

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