19-Year-Old Arrested After Body Of Missing And Autistic 6-Year-Old Relative Found In Dumpster

The search for a missing 6-year-old boy has come to a tragic and unthinkable end.

On Monday, 6-year-old David Pakko was reported missing from his home in Lynwood, Washington. Pakko was said to have a mild form of autism. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the small boy’s body was found shoved in a dumpster according to the Seattle Times. The publication reports that the dumpster was located just outside of the apartment complex in which David lived. The cause and manner of his death remains under investigation, but authorities do suspect that foul play was involved. King 5 reports that there has already been an arrest in this case. Today, a 19-year-old male relative of Dakko was taken into custody for questioning.

According to KOMO News, David was last seen at his home yesterday around 2:30 p.m. His mother told authorities that he had stayed home from school and an adult relative was watching him when he vanished. After being reported missing, a search for the Pakko took place. In addition to K9 crews, detectives, and a search team, 60 volunteers scoured the surrounding area to try and find the 6-year-old.

A description of the child listed David at 48 inches tall, weighing just 48 pounds. When he went missing, he was wearing green camouflage pajama pants. David was described as having dark blond hair and brown eyes. This description, as well as a photo of Pakko, were really all investigators and volunteers had to go off of in their search.

Since David was mildly autistic, police feared that all the darkness and lights and strangers could cause the young boy to run away. So authorities warned the search party and volunteers to be mindful of David’s condition and what may happen if he was approached. Tragically, the boy was dead when he was found.

The sad ending to David’s story comes after the nation has already been captivated by the story of another missing child, Sherin Mathews. As the Inquisitr reported, the 3-year-old Texas girl has already been missing for over a week. When Sherin refused to drink her milk, the girl’s father forced her to stand alone outside in the dark as punishment. Unfortunately, she has been missing ever since.

Do you think that there should be harsher punishment for crimes against young children?

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]