Buckingham Palace Hit With Massive Walkout, Now In Disarray, Chefs & Staff Quit Over Queen’s Extreme Demands?


The royal household is in panic mode after the chefs, porters, and other staff resigned and deserted Buckingham Palace. At least 14 staff were said to have left the royal family due to excessive workload and demands placed upon them.

It was said that palace workers, who mainly work for Queen Elizabeth, were not happy to be given more tasks because they cannot enjoy some time off. On top of this, it was reported that the staff were complaining about not receiving any additional compensation for their extra workload.

Likewise, Queen Elizabeth’s chefs and kitchen staff are frustrated over the fact that they had to carry out their duties not just in Buckingham Palace but in several other royal residences as well. What’s more, they were reportedly not informed in advance or given notice when they had to cater to other members of the royal family who are living in different places.

They have been contracted to work at Buckingham Palace only but were forced to change job locations when the Queen moves around and stays in other royal residences. Thus, the staff are dissatisfied and stressed out with their work.


Apparently, the staff were having a hard time serving in many residences so they decided to quit. On Oct. 14, a royal insider spoke with The Sun.

“The place is in turmoil and the mood is getting steadily worse.”

The source also stated that people work for longer hours but were not given extra pay. He also claimed that the employees do not get to see their families because they have no day offs or have very limited spare time to do anything else. And because they cannot bear it any longer, they decided that working for the royals is not worth it anymore.

Further, it was learned that some of those who resigned were veterans, and palace officials admitted that it would be hard to replace them.

In any case, to get an idea of why the chefs, porters, and kitchen staff left their jobs, here are their work assignments. Queen Elizabeth stays at Windsor Castle now so most of the time, they need to serve her there. Then, they had to return to Buckingham Palace if there are events or functions.

Aside from these, Prince Charles also asks for their services every time he holds events in his home or other locations. Over and above that, the chefs are requested to cook for dinners at St. James’ Palace as well as help out Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry at Kensington Palace.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles also expect the Queen's staff to cater to his events which means additional work for the chefs and kitchen employees. [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]Featured image credit: credit

Now, with many of her staff leaving Buckingham Palace, the Queen is upset. Nobody can blame her especially because she also recently lost her private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, who served her for almost 15 years.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace responded by denying the news. “There’s been no change to the usual turnover of royal kitchen staff,” the palace’s spokesperson told The Sun.

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