North Korea Threatens To ‘Punish’ USA, To Start Nuclear War ‘Any Moment’

War seems to be a strong possibility at the moment, especially after this news update about the North Korea crisis. Pyongyang is determined to “punish” the United States of America with its nuclear assets.

Kim In-ryong, North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador, told the UN General Assembly’s disarmament committee that the political crisis is so critical that nuclear war is likely to start “any moment.”

Kim has bragged about the kind of nuclear power the North possesses. According to his claims, Pyongyang now has intercontinental ballistic rockets, H-bombs, and atomic bombs. North Korea is now a “full-fledged nuclear power,” Al Jazeera quoted him as saying.

Kim also warned that the United States would not be able to “escape” the nuclear attack anywhere in the world, as the North’s nuclear range covers the entire mainland of the United States. America and its people will be severely punished if it tries to invade even an inch of North Korean territory, he said.

Kim In-ryong blamed the United States for making the political situation critical with its yearly military exercises in the Korean peninsula. In addition, he also accused the White House of having secret plans to “remove” its supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Kim told the committee on Monday that this is the first time since the ’70s that Washington is responsible for causing “extreme and direct nuclear threat” against any country, and that’s against North Korea. According to him, the North has every right to retaliate in defense with its nuclear power.

World War III seems to be a strong possibility at the moment especially after this news update about the North Korea crisis.
[Image by Gerald Bourke/WFP/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, North Korean defector Ri Jong-ho believes Kim In-ryong may be bluffing about the country’s nuclear power. According to him, the North is not going survive another year under U.S. sanctions. Even though Kim is bragging about the nuclear power, Ri claims that the people of the North do not have “enough to eat.”

There is hardly any electricity in the country, Ri said. Even Pyongyang gets only three to four hours of electricity every day, CNBC reported.

Ri Jong-ho also claims that China, North Korea’s biggest trade partner, is upset because Pyongyang did nothing to improve its economy. Instead, it keeps “begging” China for food, the defector said.

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