Kate And Pippa Middleton’s Brother James Splitting From Girlfriend Donna Air Is Fake News

Kate and Pippa Middleton have been taking over headlines with their baby news, but it looks like it is now their brother James’ turn. This week, James Middleton was the subject of a series of reports about him and his long-term girlfriend Donna Air. The two have been dating for much longer than Pippa and James Matthews have before they got married. This breakup took everyone by surprise, but it looks like that it was fake news.

Over the weekend, reports of James Middleton having split from his girlfriend of four years started pouring in. But on Monday, a friend of the couple confirmed that this is fake news and that they are “very much together.”

“They are really happy in their relationship, and, like many couples who have been together for a long time, they are working out the next steps,” the friend said to Hello! Magazine.

This is not the first time that James and Donna endured a breakup rumor. In 2015, the couple combatted a breakup rumor by releasing a joint statement that clearly spelled out that they are very much in love.

“Mark Twain once complained that reports of his death were exaggerated. A few days ago we were equally amazed to read the obituaries of our relationship in the national press,” they wrote with humor, “Happily, we can report that our relationship is NOT over. We are still very much a couple and have not parted ways.”


The brother of Pippa Middleton and the TV personality are a quiet pair. They rarely are seen publicly and choose to keep their personal life off the camera. This may be so because Donna Air has a young daughter from her previous relationship and she may want to keep their privacy as much as possible.

The 38-year-old actress and 30-year-old businessman first met at an “exclusive private members’ club No 5 Hertford Street in Mayfair, London,” according to Hello! Magazine.

Since then, James has made it very clear that he loves both his girlfriend and her daughter and that he is ready to go the long haul for them.

“Marriage is absolutely not something I’m scared of [but it] isn’t necessarily the be all and end all,” he said. “[Donna Air] makes me very happy [and] I think I make her very happy. I want children. I’ve said that before. I will have children, but you’ll have to wait.”

Considering that both of his sisters, Kate and Pippa, got married means that it may not be long before he starts planning a wedding with his long-time girlfriend.

But it has not been smooth sailing for him so far. His marshmallow business, Boomf, failed miserably and since then, he has been looking for ways to get back on his feet.

Do you think the couple will get married to stave off the fake news in their lives? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/ Getty Images]