Snoutless Dog Beats Cancer, Doctors Move Forward With Plastic Surgery

Kabang, the snoutless dog that captured the heart of the internet when she sacrificed her nose to protect two little girls, has reportedly beaten cancer.

The heroic dog was all set for plastic surgery last October when it was determined the poor little canine from the Philippines had cancer. After making the trip from its homeland to the University of California, doctors found what appeared to be a vaginal tumor.

According to FOX News, the snoutless dog has beaten cancer and can now move forward with the scheduled plastic surgery. As soon as doctors finish treating Kabang for heart worms, the procedure to reconstruct her face can begin.

The dog became a worldwide sensation after reports surfaced that Kabang had lost her snout while protecting a little girl from a speeding motorbike. Surprisingly, the dog survived the gruesome ordeal and has become something of celebrity in her native country.

William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital’s Gina Davis said the tumor which prevented Kabang from receiving plastic surgery has been successfully removed.

“There is no evidence of any remaining tumor. As far as we know she has been cured of the transmissible venereal tumor,” Davis explained to the San Francisco Chronicle.

She added, “She’s a great, happy little dog, very friendly. She wags her tail a lot and has become very attached to my veterinary technician, Lisa Sullivan. Overall we are very happy with how she is doing. She has come through everything very well. Her appetite is still good. She’s still bright and happy.”

Since the final treatment for the heartworm problem isn’t scheduled until January, it could be a while before Kabang gets the surgery her supporters helped finance. Countless donations from over 20 countries helped send the heroic dog to the United States.

“It will be one to two months for her to recover from that before she goes in and has the surgery,” Davis said.

Although the snoutless dog has beaten cancer, Kabang still has a ways to go before she can return home. Davis estimates the heroic canine can make the trip back to the Philippines this summer.