Canadian Joshua Boyle Says His American Wife Was Raped, Child Killed While Held In Afghanistan

Canadian Joshua Boyle is now speaking out about what happened while they were in Afghanistan for five years. People shared the details about what Joshua Boyle is now revealing since they have been located. He was found last week after five years in terrorist custody along with his American wife Caitlin Coleman and their three children.

On Friday, Joshua met with the Canadian press and is now revealing some of what they went through while they were there. He shared two things that nobody realized he went through while he was there. Joshua revealed that his wife was raped, but that their infant daughter was also killed while they were there. He shared that he refused to accept an offer from the family’s abductors and because of that they murdered their daughter who was born while they were in captivity.

Back in 2012, they were abducted while they were trying to reach a Taliban-controlled region of Afghanistan to help them out. Nobody had been able to get to this area and of course, they were not able to either. Coleman actually gave birth four times while in captivity. She was already seven months pregnant when they were abducted and then she had all four children while there. Three of them survived and they revealed that one daughter was murdered.

Boyle went on to explain some of the details of his wife’s rape. It sounds like it happened one time, but he revealed that it wasn’t just one person who raped her. He said it was assisted by the captain of the guard and also supervised by the commandant. At this time, he hasn’t given any further details about the murder of his daughter. This press conference was only with Joshua Boyle and Coleman was not there to share her side of the story. Coleman’s father is slamming Boyle for even taking his pregnant wife over there in the first place. He also felt like it was odd that Boyle decided to go to Canada instead of the United States once released from captivity.

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