George H.W. Bush Still Hospitalized As Temperature Continues To Rise

Former US President George H.W. Bush spent Christmas day at a Houston hospital as his temperature continued to rise and doctors placed him on a liquids-only diet.

Bush spokesman Jim McGrath announced on Wednesday that the former POTUS’ fever had went away. Later McGrath corrected himself, noting that the temperature had actually “elevated” over the last several days.

McGrath did not explain why doctors placed the 88-year-old George Bush on a liquid diet.

Bush’s “stubborn” fever was being treated with Tylenol as doctors attempted to figure out why Bush is sick.

McGrath says the former President has been suffering from a bronchitis-like cough which led to his hospitalization on November 23. McGrath says the cough has since improved and Bush is only coughing “about once a day.”

When asked about his spirits McGrath responded:

“His mood is relentlessly positive and includes humorous banter with his doctor.”

Bush is currently being visited by his daughter Dorothy who showed up at the Houston hospital on Wednesday morning. Since being hospitalized various members of the Bush family have visited the elder statesmen including former president George Bush and son Neil Bush.

Further details are not available at this time, although Jim McGrath has promised updates when doctors are better able to pin down the cause of Bush’s increasing temperature.

George H.W. Bush was first admitted to the hospital from November 7 through 19, and then re-admitted to Houston’s Methodist Hospital on November 23, where he has remained every since arrival.