'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' Digital HD Remaster Is $4 This Weekend Only! [Video]

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is considered the seminal work in the slasher genre that ushered in an era of slasher films starting in 1974. The late Tobe Hooper directed the original film, and even though some audiences found it to be too much, the horror film is widely considered to be one of the scariest and most disturbing movies ever in the genre.

But for those devoted horror fans who have been waiting to get their hands on a remastered digital HD copy of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this weekend is one of those rare moments where you can do so for only $4. Whether it is for adding to your digital movie collection or for sitting down with a bone-chilling classic this weekend, the Halloween holiday is ripe for horror movies, and this slasher classic should be the second one on your list, Halloween being the first.

This deal is only for those of you who use video streaming and downloading as your primary source for watching horror films. On Vudu this weekend, the streaming service is offering a special deal on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, where you can actually own the film for $3.99. Keep in mind that this is ownership, not just a digital HD rental. Horror and Halloween fans should pay special attention to this kind of pricing because you are not likely to find it any other time this cheap, nor on Ultraviolet.

Besides The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, there are also $4.99 sales going on for other horror titles in the Vudu Halloween storefront. That includes 30 Days of Night, Phantasm, The Return of the Living Dead, The Amityville Horror, Misery, American Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Demon Knight, and Amityville II: The Possession.

October is the prime month for these kinds of deals in horror and Halloween on digital HD. So if you want to add The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and other horror titles to your digital collection, you really need to act fast. These are only weekend deals, and they will be gone by the time Monday rolls around.

Just remember, Halloween is just around the corner, and with less than 20 days left, horror movies will not likely be discounted this low any other time of the year.

[Featured Image by Vortex/Bryanston Pictures]