‘Project Runway’ 2017 Recap: Episode 9 Was A Little Avant Garde

After some major drama on Project Runway 2017 tonight, the designers took on an avant-garde challenge. The designers on Project Runway Season 16 were working with kids tonight, so things got difficult, but which designer went home? Find out the Episode 9 results below in our Project Runway 2017 recap.

Last week on Project Runway Season 16, the night started with the battle between the twins, as they had one hour to create a look. Shawn struggled coming up with an idea, and after 15 minutes of nothing, she threw in the towel and let her twin stay in the competition. From there, a new challenge was started and it had the designers creating looks for friends and family of the crew. There was major drama, as Margarita felt Claire was copying her look from the week before, even though Claire changed it before sending it down the runway. The night ended as Claire was announced the winner of the challenge, and Michael walked off the runway. The judges were confused, as we will find out what happened with everything tonight.

The Drama

The episode opened with Michael leaving the runway, as he talked to Tim Gunn backstage. He told Tim that Claire was using a measuring tape at the apartment and using her own garments and their measurements to create her looks. Tim said that would be against the rules and it would be looked into.


Despite the drama, Claire was still announced as the winner of the challenge. The judges loved her print and she took home $25,000. Michael and Batani were in the bottom two and the judges eliminated Batani. However, Tim went backstage and asked Claire about the tape measure and using it in the apartment. Claire said she did, so Tim said that was against the rules. Her win was taken away and Claire was sent home, which meant Batani remained in the competition. Brandon’s print was chosen to use on the Dixie cups.

A New Challenge

For this challenge on Project Runway 2017, the designers had to create an avant-garde look inspired by a Shopkins’ super fan’s favorite Shoppie and their story. The winning look would have a Shoppie created from their look.

The Workroom

After meeting with the children, the designers sketched their looks and then went shopping at Mood. Back in the workroom, the designers felt the room was a lot lighter and fun without the twins there. Brandon could not come up with an idea, and Amy seemed to play with her child more than sketch with them, so she was lost.

Tim’s Critiques

Tim came in for his critiques with the designers on Project Runway 2017. He said Batani was back with all her colors. He thought Margarita had a very smart idea with the shoulders on her look. For Ayana, he thought she had a lot going on and she needed to start editing right then. He told Michael to watch every detail, as it would be noticed. He thought Amy’s design looked like a mismatch of two different looks. Tim noticed Brandon was really struggling with this challenge.

Changes And Fittings

The designers had to make changes after Tim’s critiques. The models then came in for their fittings and it left some of them worried with what the designers were creating. Brandon was having some major issues and tried to use Kentaro to help him come up with a design.

Runway Day

Runway day arrived and the designers were back in the workroom trying to finish up their looks. The models got in their looks and Amy was not happy with her finished look. Batani was having some fit issues.

Judges’ Critiques

After the runway show on Project Runway 2017, the designers received feedback from the judges. For tonight, the judges were Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Kate Upton. The top and bottom looks for the night came from Margarita, Michael, Amy, Brandon, Batani, and Ayana. The feedback from the judges is below.

  • Ayana – Kate said it was a showstopper. Heidi said she absolutely loved the look and loved her imagination. Zac said it was fun and expressive.
  • Michael – Nina said it looked great and it looked so well made. Kate said she wanted to go dancing in the look. Heidi said it looked so good from every angle.
  • Brandon – Zac said it was really cool and he has a clear aesthetic. Nina said it was apparent this was his look and good job.
  • Batani – Heidi said she was not in love with it. Nina said it looked like she ran out of time. Zac said that something was not working. Kate said it was not very polished.
  • Amy – Heidi said she was not the biggest fan of the look. Zac said it was not that risky as a piece. Kate liked the collar, but the rest of the silhouette did not match that.
  • Margarita – Heidi said it is beyond stunning and the shape was beautiful. Zac said you could feel the sensuality. Nina said she looked very on-point.


After taking a closer look at the designs, the judges came up with their final decisions. The winner of tonight’s challenge was Michael. Amy and Batani were in the bottom two, and the judges decided to send both of them home, as Amy and Batani were eliminated.

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2017 tonight?

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