Game Boy Classic Mini Could Be The Next Item Nintendo Revives, Not The N64

Nintendo started the trend of reviving its classic consoles a year ago, and the next item on their list could be the Game Boy Classic Edition, not the N64 Classic. While there has been no confirmation from Nintendo, a trademark bot revealed the company applied for a general patent for Game Boy, which could be one clue on what they have in mind.

Nintendo Retro-Style Gaming Consoles

Just a year ago, Nintendo experienced a smashing success when they released the NES Classic Edition. Several customers had to wait for a long time after the game consoles sold out right away. This year, Nintendo decided to revive the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, which proved to be another hit among its customers.

The SNES Classic has been released for almost two weeks now, but it’s still hard to find a retailer with the items on stock. During the release date, the SNES went out of stock in less than an hour.

Given how successful the NES Classic was during its release date, the success of the SNES Classic could indicate that Nintendo plans to pursue the trend for reviving their classic consoles. There have been production issues for the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, and the supply has always been short. In a previous statement, Nintendo revealed the NES Classic is back in production and they are also planning to increase the production of the SNES Classic amidst reported shortages at various outlets.

Game Boy Classic Mini

A trademark bot’s Twitter account revealed that Nintendo filed for the Game Boy trademark on September 15. This was prior to the launch date of the SNES Classic. Filing for a patent for their design of the 1989’s hit handheld seems to be a clue on what the Japanese company plans to launch next year.

Before Nintendo released the NES Classic, the company filed for a trademark for the NES controller. This was not the first time rumors surrounding Nintendo’s plan to revive the Game Boy surfaced. However, the news revealing the company filed for the Game Boy Classic’s trademark makes the speculation more believable.

Nintendo is following a pattern on how they are reviving their classic consoles, as the Nintendo 64 follows the NES and SNES as to the date of release of the original consoles. Reviving the Game Boy, which was originally released in 1989, seven years prior to the N64 (1996) and two years prior to the SNES (1991), before to the N64 would alter the pattern slightly, but as noted by the Express, producing the N64 will be more costly than the NES or SNES. Some of the biggest games on the N64 were made by Rare, which is now owned by Microsoft. Given these justifications, it’s possible Nintendo will skip the N64 and go for a Game Boy Classic first, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

[Featured Image by Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons Public Domain]